Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Ground Rules

So I've consulted with my conscience, and my pal Trina - who has done this challenge for 2009 - and I will share my personal set of ground rules for my Buy Nothing New in 2010 plan.

First, I am not buying new things, but I can buy used things. Trina also reminded me that 'buying nothing new is related to consumerism, and we have enough things. However, don't limit EXPERIENCES', so if eating out is part of socializing, do it. And DO travel. I like this rationale.

In fact, we have too many things, so this year will also be a time for me to continue sifting through my clutter and working on letting go of more things and the simple act of being grateful for and satisfied with what I do have.

Trina also reminded me that this is about learning how to do things differently, so some things I was wondering about, like taking taxis, or having coffees out, I will set limits on to make a challenge and do a bit differently, but not nix completely.

Okay to buy in 2010:
-food and drink for home
-toothpaste, soap, shampoo etc.
-eating out when it is part of a social gathering
-coffee out-only as part of social gathering (not for convenience - thank you Peter, Tena and Dave for my coffee & water travel cups!)
-health expenses as needed (i.e.: glasses, meds, chiropractor)
-esthetics-specifically hair removal. I do have to interface with the world, and if you've seen my eyebrows, you'll understand. But pedicures are on me. Ugh.
-taxis-but only if I have a heavy load to carry or it is unreasonably difficult to take public transit
-travel-I can travel, but no souvenirs!
-live shows and performances etc. (experiences are good, remember!)
-fabric and yarn within reason for make-it-myself projects, but try to find recycled first

NOT Okay to buy in 2010:
-gifts that are bought, unless handmade from something recycled. It is okay for me to give money though
-new clothing
-new shoes (this may be the hardest of all)- one exception is IF I exercise so much I actually wear out my runners, I may replace them as this kind of falls under health
-new jewelry
-new books, magazines, movies, music etc.
-new electronics
-and so on

So, that about sums it up. Let me know if you think of something I've forgotten, and I'll keep you posted! I'm kind of keen to get on with it now that it's almost here...

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