Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm not buying anything new in 2010

I decided a few months back that 2010 would be a 'buy-nothing-new year' for me. This was based on something my friend Trina did for 2009, and she got the idea from an article; at least I think that's how it went. This is my first blog (ever), so I'll try to find a link for that article, and before 2010 begins, I will also come up with a set of conditions for this year of not buying anything new.

It seems to fit well with a number of goals I've been chipping away at like: decluttering, being more environmentally friendly, not being sucked into lazy consumerism, being grateful for what I have, and generally being better with my money. I also have a fantasy about it making me more creative, crafty and handy with making things.

So, stay tuned and wish me luck. I'll be needing it. Any suggestions are appreciated!


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trinaburden said...

The comment re: being more creative, crafty, and handy hit home for me. I have never threaded more needles (a task I loathe) for sewing buttons or fixing holes; I brought things to a seamstress to finally get the right arm/leg length to spruce up the wardrobe without buying new; and the one rainy spring morning, I took several hours with a battery-operated clothes "shaver" to remove the "knobs" from our wonderfully cozy fleece sheets. In the past, I probably would have tossed the sheets and got a new pair. But I turned up the Ipod and methodically moved around the King sheets. At the end, I had this inexplicable sense of pride. After all, it was a tedious task that any 5 year old could have done if any had the attention span required.

What does it say about us that about ten years ago we had an infamous list of racy New Year's Resolutions posted in the kitchen for all our partygoers to see all year. More sex, more pot, less underwear seem a lot more fun and easy than buying nothing new. Good luck in 2010. May the rewards be plentiful.