Sunday, January 3, 2010

3rd day of the new regime

So, it's been pretty busy since New Year's Eve, and I haven't had a chance to sit down and check in. A few little notes, on where I'm starting to 'feel it'...

My wife suggested I get rid of some old jeans she kind of hates on me. 'They're too baggy, they're frayed, they're done!" And I got all defensive, first because I love them. They are so comfy and I can't buy new ones. But I also don't want to be looking all slobberazzi in them. Then it came to me: I'll make them into a skirt! Good make-it-myself project. Excellent.

(Wife and I are watching Antiques Roadshow, and she just turned to me with delight, and said, "Hey! We can still buy antiques. We can go broke buying antiques." She sure does love that show. We will be getting most of our antiques at Value Village, for the record.)

So, a couple of other 'No New' notes: I did not manage to get myself any more leggings on the 31st. The Zeller's I skidded into 25 minutes before closing for my final shop (see my video blog dated the 31st) was all out of leggings. So, I may need to get creative, or else start stealing them from family and friends. I smell a clothing swap. Maybe I should also try cleaning my closet and doing an inventory. This seems to be a season for leggings with my tall boots and long sweaters. So, I'm already missing my lost opportunity to purchase them. And the other thing was, at the store yesterday, I was struck by the death of Brittany Murphy-thinking back to seeing her in Clueless so long ago. I began flipping through the magazine featuring 'her life in photos' and was at the cash with my cous cous and chickpeas before I knew it. I thought, 'Oh, I'll just get this magazine too.' Then, 'NO! Wow, I can't buy a magazine.' Simple, but it kind of hit home that impulse purchases are off the menu for now. I guess I'll have to hit Indigo and read it for free if I really need to see her life in photos.

Plan: book a book/magazine/clothing swap with some like-minded friends. Talk soon, xo Tara

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