Sunday, January 10, 2010

Buying Experiences

Still in Newfoundland until tomorrow evening to visit family and keep my grandmother company as she goes in for surgery tomorrow morning. I have been having such a great time, cooking, eating, hiking, and chatting and playing cards with my relatives. I haven't had to buy much beyond a little snack and club soda, and $10 to gamble with my grandparents. I actually brought my own snack on the plane, soooo sensible!

But as far as 'stuff' goes:

  • I've almost got a new (used) hat off my Dad, (he's weakening and hopefully will cave in and give me his cap by the time I leave),

  • extra yarn for making slippers with grandmother off my stepmom, and

  • I read that article about Brittany Murphy while we shopped at the grocery store, instead of buying the magazine. Sly of me, eh?

  • And my aunt gave Dad and me pedicures with hot paraffin wax and face masks for free (not stuff, but on my list of things I can't buy this year)

So far so good :)

What do you think of the hat???

P.S.: I'm enjoying the mask more than it looks like, but my face was frozen till it came off. Dad was rolled over from his lazy boy recline, sitting on Pop's walker, which looks a bit like a stroller, so we could be photographed 'spa-ing' together!

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