Wednesday, January 27, 2010


This location only. Pier One Imports at the corner of Shuter and Yonge. Wow! I saw the signs plastered all over the store on my way to job number two this evening. I got excited and went on autopilot to the door but there I paused.

Oh yeah. I got no business going into Pier One Imports. Or any other store for that matter, unless I'm going in to return something. It definitely stung a bit. Who doesn't love that kind of needless, cute-stuff-for-the-house type of shopping? And a closing sale? It felt a bit funny, to think I'd have no reason to go in to a store like that for a year.

I wonder if I'm eating more this year because food is something I am allowed to buy? I'd better reign that in so it doesn't turn out like the year I was a Don in residence at Queen's and got paid in food (and a free room and office). We all packed on the pounds eating more to 'get our money's worth'.

Maybe Pier One should cut me a cheque for all this free advertising they are getting. But I won't use it to buy food.

Talk to you soon,

xo Tara

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Tena Laing said...

Thanks for the heads up! And don't worry, I won't buy you anything.