Friday, January 22, 2010

First Negative Feedback

A dear old friend called me up tonight and when the subject of this challenge of not buying anything new, and my blog came up she told me she was 'curious' but that she couldn't check it out because she didn't agree and that when people stop buying things, then people end up out of work and the economy stops.

I was a little startled, having been used to kudos or neutrality. But, basically I told her, she can't judge it until she reads it and really understands me. Also, I haven't been hiding my money under a mattress. I am still 'buying experiences', as I've said. I'm traveling, dining out, entertaining -- I'm just not buying 'stuff'. And if our economy and world depend on us never ceasing to buy new stuff, then I think we might need to address that thorny issue.

I hardly think this action of mine will cause a blip, but I kind of like the thought that it actually matters enough to get someone ticked off about it.


J.Bot said...

You are paying a mortgage & taxes.
You are totally contributing to the economy.
Phooey to negative nelly.

No New is Good News said...

Yippee! thanks Julie. You rock. Also, this is interesting: I noticed started tipping more this year. I'm tending to tip more like 25-30% versus 20%, so I'm feeling more like sharing the wealth.

J.Bot said...

Oh that is interesting. I wonder, do you feel somehow "obliged" to since you are being more careful in other areas?

Cindy said...

Thorny issue indeed. Surely our economy can't continue to depend on our need for "stuff"? If it does, we are in big trouble, me thinks. I applaud you for your individual effort to make a change. I really believe it can all start with one person.