Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nothing New to Report

Ha Ha.  That's a bad pun, see?  I haven't bought anything new, so...

In general, things are going pretty well.  I'm attending another crafty night with friends tomorrow, this one at my sister's.  So, presumably, I am going to keep getting more and more handy.

I am still dressing a bit too much like a mummer (see 'Value Village Second Thoughts' entry for more details) for my sub zero degree outings, so I will have to get back to Value Village and 'pretty' coat shopping at some point.

I've cleared out a bit more of the clutter in my closet, and I need to go back at 'er fearlessly to really get rid of some more stuff that I never use.  Clothing is the hardest for me to get rid of.   Maybe it's even harder right now, since I can't just go out and buy new things.  But if I can really clear things out, I'll have a much better sense of what I have and what I might need.

I've also done some in-house socializing in our condo building, which is seriously the way to go.  Partying in your slippers.  Thumbing your nose at winter.  All you friends who don't live in my building, I'm sorry, but I would strongly suggest you consider moving here. 

I am thinking of treating myself to the 'healing waters' at Body Blitz, which is a kind of water spa for ladies with all sorts of hot and cold dipping pools and steam rooms and saunas etc. in the next few days.

Actually, this weekend will be chock full of 'experiences' versus shopping for stuff.  I'm going to a skid bar for karaokee, checking out the Queer Salsa night with my not nearly as keen wife, stitch and bitching with the girls, hanging out with old friends and their newish baby boy,  having a brunch in Kensington, and enjoying British comedy in our movie room.

Oh!  And I'm going to try and squeeze in a sanctioned, and long overdue esthetic expenditure -- eyebrow threading.  To all of you who've had to tolerate the visual assault of my encroaching eyebrows the past 2 months, my humblest appologies.  I've been avoiding going to the mall.


Cindy said...

mmmmmmm....skid bar karaokee. I am so jealous.

No New is Good News said...

road trip?

Cindy said...

not this weekend, but soon! Miss you! Keep up the fight!
ps - love your latest post about taxi/beer store :)