Tuesday, January 19, 2010

standing room only at craft night!

So, my dream of 'upcycling' ** my unacceptable jeans into a cute skirt has been postponed due to a record turn out at my pal's crafty ladies night. It turned out that there were over 20 people and with such a crowd there was no room to spread out and do that kind of sewing. Also, as a newbie, there wasn't enough time for her to give me the undivided attention I'd need to succeed at it. Sooo, I got cracking on slipper number 2 (of my first ever pair) and am well on the way. Only about 4 rows from finishing in fact.

For the record, I only learned the term 'upcycle' 3 days ago from my crafty pal, and I googled it to feel less stunned. See below.

It's Jan. 19th and I am still holding with my No New Stuff goal. Stay tuned for more exciting details of this life of mine. For example, I have weekend plans to drag my wife to Value Village to search for the coat my mom hates and get a second opinion. :)

**"Upcycling basically means taking something disposable (trash) and turning it into something more useful and valuable than it was. It is sort of like recycling and reusing, but the "up" comes from making it into something better. Upcycling is great for people who are crafty because it is possible to turn lots of things that would otherwise be thrown away into something cool - if you have some crafting skills. There are a lot of cool upcycled things on Etsy*, which is where everything below came from."
taken from. http://egosumspes.blogspot.com/2008/06/upcycling-turning-trash-into_12.html


Tena Laing said...

Glad you updated! Etsy is very cool. You should post the word Etsy as a tag/key word - just go into edit posts to do it. What old fashioned lessons did you mean on your twitter?

J.Bot said...

Hey, I recycled jeans into a skirt myself once - maybe I can help? My poor ol' sewing machine hasn't been used in ages, except I used the lid to trap a mouse at the old apartment 2 years ago.

And you are always welcome to borrow from the library at #314 (we have lots of sci fi... lots). My xmas gift from Col's mom was a subscription to Vanity Fair so I'll have good magazine hand-me-downs as well!

No New is Good News said...

Tena! thanks I'll try that out and Julie! thanks, I've got a fine sewing machine, just need some skills. I'll talk to you soon :)

No New is Good News said...

fast forward to the future... Julie! You are indeed a godsend in this endeavour! I can't wait to finish the project, and when it is completed, I will make you a letter of reference in triplicate. xo Tara