Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Still holding

Hey there,
just a quick update that it's Jan. 12th and I still haven't bought anything. That seems a bit silly to even say because at this point, I'm actually feeling really solid and strong and clear about doing this, so having 12 days out of 365 under my belt is not that big of a bragging right.

On second thought though, not being tempted (or should I say, not giving in to the temptation of) January sales is probably no mean feat. I get advertised to so excessively-non-stop that it probably involves some kind of deprogramming for me just to stay on the streetcar when it drives by the Eaton Centre. So I will pat myself on the back.

I'm a bit brain dead from jet lag, but my trip home to Newfoundland was great with good, cozy family times, a successful surgery for my grandmother, and yes, Dad did let me keep his hat! I hope that my quitting buying things doesn't make me into the kind of mooch my early, less committed attempts to quit smoking did. (i.e.: 'I just stopped buying them, but I'll smoke yours!'). We'll see...

Free stuff: in other news, a coworker has offered me some fabric for sewing, and is bringing me in some sample swatches from her stash. The universe keeps providing and for that I am grateful.

The Joneses: We are having over our friends/neighbours on Friday for a condo crawl with 4 couples who live in our building. I've already seen one set's amazing finishes and touches i.e.: custom blinds, deadly cool furniture, and nice magnetic bulletin boards etc. They left me slobbering with envy. So, it will be a personal challenge not to go shopping to spiff our place up to their standard. I am going to practice NOT needing to keep up, and just being satisfied with offering hospitality, food, drink, genuine interest and my full attention to my guests.

On a delighted note, the fellow who wrote Clutter Busting, Brooks Palmer - http://brooks-palmer.blogspot.com/ - responded to my post on his blog (a book I have read 3 times and plan to re-read) and commented kindly that he liked my Value Village coat story! Yippee.

Now to get some sleep. zzzzzzzzz

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Tena Laing said...

Very worthy of a back patting! Again, you are providing valuable inspiration. You should include link to Brooks Palmer's website when you mention him so readers can link quickly to see both of your comments!