Tuesday, January 26, 2010

True Confessions

http://brooks-palmer.blogspot.com/ So, I blew it today on one of my Ground Rules.

Now, in the grand scheme 'o things, it's not soooo bad, since I didn't actually buy any new 'stuff'. I did, however, obliviously buy myself a fast food coffee that was not part of a 'social event'. If you remember, I was going to try and revamp my wasteful spending on convenience food and drinks out, by packing my own lunches and dinners and bringing my travel coffee, etc. UNLESS I was meeting up with someone for a social visit, because then the expenditure could be categorized under 'experience'.

So, oops. I bought myself a large Tim Horton's Coffee with milk tonight to help me survive the evening shift at my second job without falling asleep. My drowsiness I blame entirely on last night's annual Robbie Burn's celebration at my best buddies' home (I've attended 7 years running). It's always the worst when it falls on a Monday. Ugh.

The good news is that I haven't bought any new possessions. I'll just have to try and pay more attention to the mindless small stuff around food/drinks. I think some of my success has been due to being too busy to have time to think about the shopping I'm not doing. Also, I've been doing my virtuous January re-reading of my old faves, 'Clutter Busting' see http://brooks-palmer.blogspot.com/ and 'Smart Women Finish Rich' see http://www.finishrich.com/books/women_brandhome.php.

I just hope this smart woman gets to finish with less than 2 jobs :) And I am very actively working on just that! I feel really good with our progress on getting smarter with our spending. As good old David Bach says, 'If you're in a hole, stop digging!'

What's nice about my 'Buy-Nothing-New year', is that it feels less like a resolution, and more like a real plan of action. My annual resolutions around eating better and exercising are in heavy duty limbo right now, but this, this seems to be really happening!

Thanks to folks who have been reading and giving me feedback in person, by email, and on the blog. It is definitely making my challenge more interesting and fun.

xo Tara


Anonymous said...

Hey Tara, I had a similar experience during Lent one year, I totally forgot that I had given something up and then went and ate it. I think it's great that you have made it this far without buying new stuff.

Brooks_Palmer said...


You're very funny! I like how you write about not being perfect, with humor. I think it's hard to be perfect. The universe moves in extremes, which has a way of shaking up and knocking over our best plans. You address that in honest and funny ways. Thanks!


No New is Good News said...

Brooks, I am re-reading your book for a 4th time!! Thanks for your comment, it means a lot coming from a comic :)

Caroline, I remember lining up with my university roommates at the kitchen sink, because we all gave up swearing for Lent, and every time we forgot and cussed accidentally we had to rinse our mouths out. We logged a lot of time in front of that sink.

No New is Good News said...

Caroline, I am wondering what you gave up for lent this year! Do tell!