Monday, January 4, 2010

Value Village Second Thoughts

My mother and I went to Value Village today, so she could get a pillow for her bus trip back to Ottawa, and I was just going along to 'check it out' and for moral support. My wife asked me to look out for a corduroy blazer for her, I said I would, but didn't make any promises. We get there, and within 5 milliseconds, I spotted a coat I wanted.

Now, I may have been particularly vulnerable to desiring a new (used) coat, since as mom and I left bundled up for our - 14 degree outing, my wife said to me with concern, "Honey, you look like a Mummer." If you don't know what the mummers are, you can google them, but basically, they are a Newfoundland Christmas tradition (that she learned about from me) and involve people dressing up in tea towels, lampshades, Nanny's 42 bra, and Poppy's Skidoo pants, etc. with mittens on their feet and going drinking at their neighbors, who try to guess their identity. It's very festive, but not very styling.

I thought maybe my winterized look was effective, but not fashionable enough, and oh, oh, it's only Jan 4th! So, into my willing hands falls a gem of a winter coat, tweed, fitted, nice collar and lining, long enough to keep my thighs warm in the winter chill, and with a little tailored band at the back, etc. etc. Price check, $19.99, and cool vintage vibe; very flattering style. I immediately throw it in the cart and start looking for wife's fantasy cord blazer. Found it! Second hand, yet never worn, mint condition, chocolate brown, $14.99! Yippee. So, I meet back up with my mother, and guess what, she HATES the winter coat I chose for myself. She thinks it's a spring coat, not winter-too flimsy. She does not like the fabric, and thinks it's too wide in the shoulders and too tight in the stomach, and 'makes me look like a football player'!

I actually argued with Mom about the merits of my second hand coat and then called my wife, who unfortunately wasn't willing to making the trek to Value Village to give a second opinion.

I decided to leave the coat and check back with a voice of sober second thought soon. Maybe my need to be a consumer was so strong I almost bought home a horrible coat that made me look like a linebacker. Or maybe, Mom and I have seriously different tastes. What I took away from it was noticing that I initially was almost angry not to be getting the coat. I wanted Mom to be my shopping wing man and egg me on to buy, buy, buy! But, that I actually felt great (later on on the way home) for having only bought the blazer, and walking away to let the coat idea percolate for a bit.

Maybe I am learning a thing or two. We'll see. Also, Trina found the article that led to her deciding to not buy anything new in 2010 and I will read it tomorrow and pass on some highlights.

xo Tara


Unknown said...

I am trying to do a spent much less year buying only necessities. I am thinking I will have to stay out of the stores completely and have someone else shop for my needed items. Seems you passed your first test. Good for you. Keep up the good work.

No New is Good News said...

thanks Donna! good luck with sticking to the necessities.