Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bending the Rules?

I'm no angel, but I like to think most of the time my heart is in roughly the right place.  That said here are a few of the questionable things I bought as 2009 raced to a close and I knew I couldn't shop for a full year...
  • 2 stretch lace bathing suit cover ups (and I don't even have a bathing suit to wear with them)
  • 3 seasons of How I Met Your Mother DVDs
  • 2 Glee Soundtracks
  • A running skirt with built-in capri pants (I haven't gone running since I got over a challenging breakup in 2002)
  • A pair of $240 before tax boots
  • A robot vacuum
So, as you can see, I have plenty to atone for.

As far as me bending the rules goes... My sister and I stretched the allowable definition of a 'social meal' being a sanctioned occasion to eat out in a restaurant.  This weekend, rather than wait in line at my bank, I crossed the street to a local diner, got a table for two, and got started on my brunch.  My sister arrived just in time to tag-in for brunch as I rushed back across the street in response to my banker calling to alert me that the lineup of jittery RRSP buyers was waning. 

It counts as a 'social meal' since both our meals were on the same bill, right? 

Fortunately, this grey area stuff seems to be falling on my extra rules around doing things differently (restaurants, etc.) versus the 'new stuff' part of the equation.  I feel pretty strongly that I need to be absolute about the no new stuff.  That said, one of my students asked the question, 'What happens if you do buy something new?'

Good Question.  I feel like the answer is nothing, because it's not going to happen.  It can't.  But what if it does happen?  Perhaps a proactive list of penances?  My student suggested that I create a list of things I have to give up if I buy something new, so that there is already a rule in place if I commit a transgression.  It would have to be something I really don't want to part with to make it meaningful.  I will have to ponder this.  But just so we're clear, I have zero units of new stuff buying intentions.



cindy said...

I feel kind of like an alcoholic and I come to your blog like it's an AA meeting for support.

Anyway - I think you are all good on the restaurant experience. Clearly you were not alone.

Interesting idea by your student....

ps - I would like to see your $240 boots.

No New is Good News said...


Okay, so the boots are warm, with good treads, and truly waterproof. I have worn them every day since about Dec. 15th. And yet strangely, I only realized TODAY that they look exactly like Santa Claus' boots. Maybe that's why they were so pricey.

ps: I'm very keen to go thrift store shopping in Toronto with a pro like yerself.


No New is Good News said...

I need to do that list of penances before another shopping need of 'Olympic Mitts' proportions rears its ugly head!!