Friday, February 26, 2010

Bon Voyage


I'm about to hit the sack after packing for my trip to the Olympics.  I am leaving around 5:30am, so I need to grab a few winks.

I'm not sure about access to the good old interweb while I'm there, but my wife has kindly put a couple of useful apps on my new-used-reclaimed, ipod that will work if I'm in wireless hub.  In any case, I am still on track with my No New Stuff plan, and am full-on continuing with that while travelling.  I am allowed to eat out as needed, and my only souvenirs shall be photos and memories!

P.S.:  Today's Now Magazine in Toronto has a feature on Green Stuff AND a Vintage Shopping Guide!  Check it out at Now Magazine (they also suggest you add your favourites if they missed any).  I am looking forward to checking some of these out late March, early April with my pal Cindy.  Especially 69 Vintage.

P.P.S.: My Lenten Vows have been hit and miss.  I got in my workout today, but ate after 7pm.  FYI:  The reason I mention trying not to upset the Lent Fairy, is that I hate to think about anyone as omnipotent as G.O.D. paying attention to my mediocre Lent performance. 
P.P.S. I love you, Catholic wife of mine.

xo Tara

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