Monday, February 1, 2010

Feb. 1st: One Month Down. Check!

Hi there,

I just got this cool message from one of my best old friends (and a university roommate).  She got a recycling symbol tatooed on her leg before most of us even knew what that meant.  And two of the greatest items in my closet are vintage coats she gave me.

(She also has a little boy who she's including in her goal)

January 31 at 8:30pm

"Hey Tara

I love what you are doing with "no new for tara" and you have inspired me to give it a go, albeit on a modified scale, and without the blog! I've been thinking about all the "stuff" in my life for some time, and how much I have that I just don't need. So here Feb 1st resolution is to get through the rest of the year with nothing new for me or Calvin. I am hoping it will make us focus more on the satisfaction of "doing stuff" than "getting stuff".

You count on me looking to you for continued support/inspiration.

Thanks for leading us down this path! I am very excited! "

Hurray! It's February 1st.
xo Tara


Cindy said...

Thanks Tara! Wish me luck!
I gave some serious thought to my motivations for doing this and it helped me put together some “guidelines”. Basically I just want to consume less, create less garbage, and find more simple ways to do things. So here goes.....
1. Personal hygiene products and anything that comes in direct contact with my “girl bits” are exempt. Same goes for Calvin’s hygiene and his “boy bits”.
2. I will allow myself to buy my lunch at work BUT I must use my own non disposable plate and cutlery. Same goes for coffee.
3. Weezi is exempt. She’s a local artisan who upscales stuff into clothing and bags, and I love her stuff and the fact she is local. I want to be able to support that. Doesn’t mean I can buy something every day, but if I buy anything I want it support a local artisan and not a corporate sweat shop. I am sure there is an argument to be had here about supporting the global economy, but this is what works for me.

Oh how I will miss you, my trashy magazines. :)

No New is Good News said...

Pick up a trashy magazine as you ENTER the grocery store and you can finish it before you cash out! Yay, Cindy, I am excited to see Weezi stuff, that's very cool.