Friday, February 19, 2010

50 Days Without Consumerist Indulgence

Hi there y'all,

I've just enjoyed a home Movie Night.  We are lucky enough to have a friend who gets 'For Your Consideration Movies' and pays it forward by letting us watch them.  Tonight we watched 'Hurt Locker'.  Very good -- but high on the tension scale.

So, basking in the glow of my loaner olympic mitts, I am feeling really groovy.  Today, I was able to rise above my desire to buy fast food coffee and junk food for an a.m. meeting downtown (I forgot to bring my trusty travel mug, so I just did without till I got back to my office).  I also got my 20 minutes of exercise in before 9:30am and was sitting pretty all day with Lent and No New For Tara/No New is Good News in the bag.  I did however, shovel dinner and all my evening snacking down my gullet between 6:45 and 7:00pm, so I must admit to feeling rather bilious much of the night.  I devoured my potato chips and chocolate quickly as I heated up my supper, which I quickly scarfed down to meet my Lent deadline of 7pm.   Then I rubbed my aching stomach while more normal types enjoyed their movie snacks DURING the film.  I probably have to work some kinks out of this 'no eating after 7pm' vow to make it more palatable.

A friend/neighbour/book club buddy recently read my blog and wrote me this:

"Hey Tara, I was just checking out your blog again - I am really impressed by your not buying stuff for a year, honestly - and I found your entry about a friend with the negative comment interesting. I just watched a doc called 'Garbage, the Revolution begins at home', which is neat on a lot of levels. And does address the basic tenant of our society, which is based on buying stuff and throwing stuff out. The one comment they make which I found thought provoking, was about how a society shows love - and again, in ours, in buying stuff and throwing stuff out. Food for thought! And if the economy truly cannot survive without the constant production of needless garbage, maybe we need to demand a change. I have to think the economy will evolve if we do.

That said, I really want an ipod touch.

Sorry for the long message, just really found your entry really twigged for me. Hope you & Dawn are well and to see you soon for a glass exchange!"

This reminded me of my post a while back about 'The Story of Stuff'.  I highly recommend you check out the video on youtube.  She has also written a book (I just heard about a launch in NYC).  The film is only about 20 minutes long, and gripping and full of facts and makes you think - in a good way!  check it out at .  Also, I want to hunt for that documentary 'Garbage, the revolution begins at home'.  I'll let you know if I find it.

Hey!  My wife's new iphone finally came and I just got my ipod touch back.  Gently (and thensome) used, but feels just like new to me after an absence of about 6 months!

Night Night


Anonymous said...

Hi Tara-Have you checked out Consumption rebellion-

You 2 would have a lot to talk about!
Love what you are doing here!

Cindy said...

CONGRATS on 50 days!
I have to say that I am (so far) really enjoying this challenge, although my rules are not as strict as yours. I agree with your friend who commented on our "disposable" society. Months ago they reviewed a book on CBC about how westernized culture lives by the need to buy "stuff" - really want to read it, but can't remember the name of it :(

Have a great time at the Olympics and say hi to Tena!
PS - maybe will try for a visit some time late in March or early April?

No New is Good News said...

thanks Heather for the link, the kind words, and I will check it out, and also, I am looking forward to digging into your blog!

Cindy! Way to go with your 21 days on track. Let's totally do a vintage shopping visit lat March or Early April.