Friday, February 26, 2010

No Souvenirs Means More Money for Food and Drink

A nice thing about not shopping (or at least not buying anything new) is that I know I'll be able to eat and drink with impunity here at the Olympics.  The not so nice thing is that I really am a sucker for swag and I want more of it.  Perhaps I can volunteer and get me one of those green Olympic jackets.  I could stand outside the Yaletown subway and give tourists fake directions since I have no idea where anything is.  They wouldn't know the difference till later, and by then I'd be long gone with my cool, green Olympic gear.  I did pick up a free Olympic lollypop and map.

So far my cousin and I have visited the Atlantic Canada Pavilion and took the aquabus to Granville, did a little saki tasting and checked out some art and walked around Yaletown.  We'll be meeting up with my sister and her husband a little later - My sister just flew out of snowy Toronto a few minutes ago.

It's warm and rainy here and we are going out to watch some hockey, drink beer and eat in a pub with some pals and a few hundred very enthusiastic strangers.  I quite like it here in Vancouver.

xo Tara

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