Thursday, February 18, 2010

Serendipity Do Da

Check this out.  My conscience is squeaky clean because one of the gals from that 'Compactor's' club I mentioned yesterday (folks on the Danforth buying nothing new for 3 months this year), saw my blog and is LENDING me her Olympic Mitts for my trip.  This is perfect because I just couldn't buy them.  I am going to talk to my stepmomma and see what she wants me to do with the Mitt Money she sent me that I was not able to bring myself to shop with.

I might use it to go drinking with Johnny Weir (that lovely & flamboyant American figure skater), or send it back, or let my sister buy herself mitts with it.  Depending on what stepmomma says.

In any case, I've got one pair of Olympic Mitts coming my way with zero units of guilt attached.

'Spleen venting' art project re: not being able to buy mitts can now be retired! (Photo is from my 'photo booth' which unfortunately inverts images.) 

P.S.: re: Lent:  Tonight I squeaked in with dinner at work at 6:52pm.  Unfortunately it was a special Jamaican themed meal and it wasn't all ready, so I have to wait until tomorrow to try the banana, yam, dumpling, and root-veggie-I-forget-the-name-of part of the meal.  I did seriously enjoy my modest portion of plantain and ackee with salt fish.  In fact, I may need to send myself to bed early because I am hungry like the wolf.  Luckily I got my exercise out of the way with a 30 minute walking video at 11am.  So grateful not to have to hit the gym tonight.

***Addendum on November 24, 2010:  Interestingly, this post is my 'most popular' and for some reason people continue to view it regularly.  I'm not very internet savvy and extremely curious about the routes that people are coming to see it from.  If you are willing, please consider posting a 'reply' here on where you saw a link to this post!  I'm so nosy.  Also, feel free to check on what's going on lately with me: here.


stella said...

love the blog, Tara
so pleased you got the mitts!

No New is Good News said...

thanks for your kind words, Stella! and re: the mitts, you and me both!!

stella said...

you're welcome! i have become an avid reader! you're doing so well. bri and i are on a similar track, motivated more by the dream of a little shack up north more than anything else. are you involved with swap, don't shop?they have events here in T.O.
a really good and funny read is How to be free, by Tom Hodgkinson. would be happy to lend.
have a great time in Vancouver!

No New is Good News said...

Stella! I just realized you which Stella you were today when I could see your last name. Hi! I'd love to borrow your book, maybe we can meet up for a social drink some time after the Olympics. Probably have a goal with Bri makes it easier to not consume. My goal of having only one job is helping keep me on track too :)

I'm also going to look up Swap,Don't Shop, thanks for the tip.
xo Tara