Monday, March 1, 2010

2 Months Under My Belt

Hey! It's March 1st and I have made it through 2 months without buying anything new.  I feel like celebrating.  Probably with food.  It's still been relatively pain free (although I do have 10 months to go), and I am happy.

I'm heading home to Toronto on the red eye flight from Vancouver tonight on what will be the busiest day in the history of the airport.  We have been told to get there 4 hours before domestic flights.  That's a long time to hang in the airport without shopping for unnecessary trinkets.

The Olympics are over, so the city is likely happy to see the glut of crazed, patriotic people move along home.  It was a cheerful mayhem here yesterday from about 9am till way after 2am.  I told my wife it was like Pride but with straight people and flags.  The sun came out for the only time during my trip as the Gold Medal game played, so even when the USA tied it up, I had some faith that the blue, sparkly sky was a good omen.  It was so sweet and warm we didn't even wear jackets.

Off to do a last walk about and get some Vancouver Sushi before my pre airport nap.

xo Tara

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