Monday, March 8, 2010

Almost Like Shopping

This is kind of funny. I had to go by my sister's because a friend of ours will be staying at her place for a few days and she is out of town. It was short notice, so I popped over to make up the bed, lay out towels, make it nice etc. My sister texts me, "Help yourself to anything and feel free to borrow anything."

Here's what I took:
1. Her spare pillow! I think it's only been slept on a handful of times and it is so deliciously springy.
2. 2 shirts from her closet that still have price tags on them (extremely close to shopping - without the guilt or the expense).
3. 2 magazines.
4. 2 books.
5. The salsa and chips from her cupboard.

So satisfying. I must remember to go 'almost-shopping' from her stuff again if I feel my resolve diminishing.

Nighty Night


Cindy said...

perhaps we should add Tena's place to our list of "shops" to visit when I come to Toronto?

Tena Laing said...

Hey! All you mentioned was the chips and salsa in your email to me! I'll expect those tops back, but you can keep the pillow! I was going to give it to you for your birthday, after listening to you bellyache about the bag of wrenches you've been laying your head on for so long now. xo

No New is Good News said...

I'm wearing one of those tops right now! Of course you can have them back, eventually :) Cindy, you should see all the loot in Tena's closets. We'll have a field day.