Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fun Things Coming Up

Today was another day when i walked everywhere instead of using TTC.  It was great.  17 degrees celsius and I got in 2 hours and 45 minutes of walking. 

Friday I'm doing another crafty girl's night, and this one is hosted by my friend Sarah, who wants to do 'papier mache' (pronounced 'pap-yay mash-eh'), as the Brits, (and I guess the French) call paper mache.  I may stick to my knitting and sewing; I'm up in the air.  The weekend will also involve fun visits with my inlaws, my youngest siblings, and a nice walk in High Park with a friend of ours we don't see enough.

I'm soon going to be investigating the hours of a couple of local vintage shops my friend Cindy and I are going to visit in April.  I'm hoping they do Sundays.  And, finally, I've decided tonight that I'm going to join up with - committing for one year only - the Weekend to End Breast Cancer.  A friend who is heavily involved (and part of the International Woman's Day event I volunteer with) asked me to join her team.  I've decided that it will be a good opportunity for me to do something 'good' outside my field (mental health), and get more exercise.  The hard part is I need to raise $2000 to do it.  But I like the challenge of having a financial focus beyond my own situation to help me maintain some perspective. 

That's all the news,

xo Tara

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