Thursday, March 18, 2010

Junction Triangle

My neighbourhood just came up with a name for itself.  It was a lovely, organic community building kind of thing.  A group called 'Fuzzy Boundaries' had the idea that we should name ourselves before some developer came along and declared us to be such and such district or village.

We are a small, triangular area bordered by railroad tracks and edging on several other hoods, like the Junction, Ronscevalles, Bloordale, High Park etc.  The whole thing was a really positive experience.  Fuzzy Boundaries did an initial vote to drum up ideas which people could submit on line or in person.  They narrowed this down to a top 10 list.  A lot of the ideas incorporated the history and geography of the area.

We had a two week period of open voting in the hood at a couple of local restaurants and I'm delighted that my favourite choice was picked.  Junction Triangle.  It's familiar and it just makes sense.  I also love that some corporation didn't pick our name for us.

Have a happy Thursday.  I get to go bowling with my part time job tonight.

xo Tara

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