Monday, March 29, 2010

A Kind of Funny Article in the Globe

Note: Day 4 of No Spend Week, and I'm going strong.

My sister just pointed out this article to me in the Globe and Mail called 'Virtual Goods = Jackpot' by Ivor Tossell. 

He writes about how people are spending real money to buy virtual goods in online games (such as a $12.50 golden harp for your pretend kitten).  Apparently this kind of economy is around a billion dollars in America.  The levels of ridiculous tongue tie me a bit.  Especially when I think that as far as my goal of not buying new 'stuff', I could actually spend money on virtual things and stay within my ground rules.  (Except during No Spend Week, of course).

But he also makes the point that there's not much different between the virtual goods buyers and those of us who fed quarters into arcade machines back in the day.  It's just a different gaming experience. 

I guess the other part of my No New is Good News goals, like getting better with money, spending more wisely and ethically, would probably not be so well served (although my household clutter situation would be) by jumping into the virtual market. 

No fears.  I have zero units of interest in online gaming.  Back in the day I was always more into pinball than PacMan. 

xo Tara

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