Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Kindness of Friends (and Strangers)

I have oft mentioned my No Spend Week lately (a shout out to Consumption Rebellion for the idea).  So, as I am in pyjamas at the end of Day 5, I feel like I can safely say, "I made it through another day without spending".  I've had to bow out of a farewell lunch for a student, which is a drag, but on the upside, a sweet newish coworker heard me say, 'Man, I could really go for a fizzy water', and trotted out and bought me one!  I don't really know her all that well, and I was so touched by this kindness.  No Spend Week is teaching me to accept little gifts graciously and VERY gratefully.

Another area I am grateful for is the link love (& followers) I have received from people including some I don't even know.  I am delighted that my thoughts and humble efforts at changing the way I operate are a tiny part of something outside myself.  I appreciate every bit of feedback I get in all the various ways.  One of my favourites is when my Mom calls me up to tell me the blog made her laugh.  

Finally, I have decided to use my 'No New is Good News' year philosophy and extend it to my birthday.  I'm going in the Weekend to End Women's Cancers 60 km walk and need to raise $2000 in donations to participate.  I'm asking for my birthday this year that people make a small contribution to that amount, rather than get me gifts.  Do you think I should get double the brownie points for doing this during a no new stuff year?  I could be using my birthday as a sneaky way to get my hands on all the stuff I wish I was buying.  And in some ways that would feel very nice.  But, this feels nicer, and will help me stay a healthy distance from some kinds of consumption.  If you're curious about the  end cancer walk check it out here.  

Not only do I need to start drumming up donations, but I also need to start training for that lengthy walk.  My first training event?  2 weeks from now and sponsored by a brewery.  Invigorating walk followed by beer tasting.  All free.  Right on.  Some causes are worth the hard work.  Too bad it's not during No Spend Week.

xo Tara


Heather Conroy said...

Hey Tara! You are going great on no spend week! I have yet to have mine :( But I will. Let me know how I can donate to your walk as I would like to.

No New is Good News said...

Hi Heather, that's amazing! if you click on the link on my blog page (it says'here' near end of post) it will take you to the endcancer.ca website. You can click donate and look me up 'Tara Laing' and make a donation online. That is really great of you!
re: No Spend Week, I have two days left and I think my wife will be very happy when it's done! Though after some chat she was more into it, and said I could pretend I was still doing it down the road, for example when I am broke, and say, 'Remember, I'm not spending any money...' to people who probably don't remember time lines. Good luck with your no spend week when it comes around :)