Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mall Walking

I had to go through the mall today on the way to the grocery store.  A few subtle pangs as I walked by a store advertising a magic pair of pants that would make my life perfect.  I realize that I can't have a perfect pant life this year.  Ah well.

Better news is that I'm pretty sure I'll be doing the vintage shopping spree over Easter Weekend, so that is coming up soon.   And also, another pal to the rescue - I'm going to sift through my crafy friend Sarah's stash of extra yarn on Friday next week, so I can get some do-it-yourself supplies without shopping.

I've spent a very low key weekend, mainly walking, shopping for food, and cooking and eating.  I did go and check out our local rep cinema, The Revue, and I LOVED giving my money to a non big box cinema.  It was a kind of funny crowd, very mixed and independent and the perfect place to go see a movie on your own.   

Hope your Sunday is filled with joy, ease and light.

xo Tara

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