Thursday, March 11, 2010

March Break

I gave myself a one day March Break by taking a vacation day today. The weather was a dream, somewhere above 10 degrees with the sun shining. I was going to go at my closet with an unsentimental vengeance, but got talked into going to the Y for a gravity class. I hemmed and hawed and then gave in and decided to walk there. The class was good, but grueling, and then I decided to walk to the credit union, and then to my second job (March Break ended at 5pm), and so on, and so on. I ended up walking for 3 hours in total! This is kind of funny, because I've been struggling to walk even 20 minutes a day. The sad truth is, I think I'm a turning into a bit of a stingebag because I gave my wife my metropass and it burns me to buy tokens or pay cash to use the transit. It is so late in the month it feels wasteful to buy a pass now, and yet, I use transit most days 5-8 times.

I'm going to try and channel this unattractive quality into me getting more exercise and this will also help me with the Laing Family weight loss challenge - part 3. In case I haven't mentioned this, several members of our clan and friends are on round three of a biggest loser challenge and this seven week session has a prize pot of $750 dollars. Just think of all the thrift store loot I could get with that much money.

I'm planning a vintage shopping spree for either Easter weekend or late April, depending on my vintage guru friend Cindy's availability. I have yet to get involved in any clothing swaps. I was hoping that the 'Swap Don't Shop' people would post something, but their blog has been inactive these past 3 months. Maybe I can try to arrange something with some likesized people. That's the key to a clothing swap. Mine will need to be with generously proportioned pals - it would be such a drag to only be able to try on the scarves and handbags. I guess if I get around to that closet purge I may get more motivated to work on it.

My Lenten Vows are hit and miss, for those of you who are wondering. I have occasionally eaten later than 7pm, and have occasionally not exercised my daily 20 minutes. Actually today probably caught me up for a few of those days. I also did some Hail Mary's to atone, but my Catholic wife told me I needed to do at least 20 at a time, and 'Silently, please', so it was less fun than I thought it might be. I am being somewhat gentle with myself on my failures re: Lenten vows and also my 'extra rules' for No New is Good News (the eating in restaurants alone part). Sometimes I do eat alone in a restaurant for a meal, so that I can eat earlier than 7pm. My various goals can be mutually exclusive at times and I am too old to go to bed without supper!

I am firmly not being flexible about the 'no new stuff part', and today marks 70 days of not buying new stuff. I'm wondering how the Compactor's Club is doing (their goal is 3 months without shopping).

I am still enjoying food shopping, and to make it more interesting and healthy, I've set a goal of working my way through a cookbook of healthy salads, and have done 4 in 4 days. It's actually good, because if you only freestyle your cooking, everything starts to taste the same.

Okay, Ima hit the sack with some light reading a well deserved tall boy.

xo Tara

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