Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Money Stuff

My friend Sabrina asked me a while back to let her know how much money I was saving by doing this no new is good news thing.

It is hard to be precise, because while I have not bought new things, (and as yet have really only bought one blazer for my wife at Value Village), I have been stocking up on 'experiences'. (i.e.: trip to Newfoundland, the Olympics, etc.)

But, here are a couple of money claims I can make:
1. I haven't cashed in my Canada Savings Bonds yet in 2010. (I have money deducted by my work every pay, and usually cash it in regularly to use it for trips, gifts, or shortfalls. It is my short term savings.) My lofty goal is to not cash it in for the full year and create a stash of savings that is not part of my RRSPs. So that's $1800 I would not normally have, accumulated since January 1st.
2. I paid off my Giant Visa Bill in full ($15,000), and my wife got the limit lowered to $2000 to prevent that obnoxious balance from ever happening again.
3. I paid off our washer/dryer in full.
4. I put $10,100 on my RRSPs, thereby maximizing them, and am already starting on investing in 2010's so I can do it gradually.

I know this money stuff makes for some seriously sexy reading. But, the gist of it is that we are really taking care of business this year, and getting well in hand for me to go down to one job by Sept. 17th, 2011. My magic deadline. I'm not sure if I will enjoy actual retirement as much as I will enjoy going down to one job.

xo Tara

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