Wednesday, March 24, 2010

No Spend Week

I was reading Consumption Rebellion and got inspired to do a 'No Spend Week' which is exactly like it sounds.  She put out the challenge and I think it will help me exercise some of the muscles I haven't had to as much.  My main expenses are social, food, drink, and toiletries etc.  (I'm talking about non-monthly-bill type expenses).  So the only exceptions from Friday the 27th until I can spend again on Friday the 2nd of April are: Medical expenses that arise, and regular bill payments i.e.: that are deducted from my account.

I will have my work cut out for me, as I've got to think about how I'll commute when I do need transit, I have a wedding shower and a reunion with an old friend, plus the beginning of  a long weekend.  I think it will help me get reconnected to needs and wants.  Also, sometimes I get a strange satisfaction from using up the supplies in the cupboard to make delicious 'nail soup' rather than going to the store.  I will be shopping on Thursday the 26th to try and capture the necessities beforehand.

Another challenge I feel kind of moved by is not only posting nice, neat things that make everyone happy, but maybe digging deeper.  This is trickier because a lot of people I know are readers of the blog.  And of course because of the bred in the bone desire to please we all have.  I will try to think about not just staying in the 'safe' zone all the time.  This idea came from reading Heather Conroy's Blog which talked about us rising from mediocrity by getting criticism from the right people.  That we should encourage a bit of that, not just the positive, good stuff.  Easy to say, but probably a lot harder to 'eat it and say yummy' as my wife would say. 

Speaking of my wife, she was sleeping when I decided that 'No Spend Week' was a fabulous idea, so I guess this morning Ima have some explaining to do.

xo Tara


Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the link Tara- I like your challenge and you have inspired me to try it out. Does this mean no food shopping? Perhaps I should shop before I start? I have just started a vege and herb garden so in future this task will be easier. There are valuable lessons to be learned from challenging yourself in all aspects of life, including consumption - which has a global impact which provides more of a rationale for taking on your challenge- best of luck!

No New is Good News said...

Thanks for your note Heather! It does include food. So I'll need to plan to buy it before Friday, or else I have to just manage with what I've got. Or, I guess get invited to eat at friends' places...
I live in a condo, so no gardens for me.