Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Reason Not to Cave

Guys, this is yet another sign that the universe is corresponding to the nature of my song.

I was about to cave and get myself a pedicure. Not 'new stuff' per say, but still against those stupid, damn ground rules I set for myself on Dec. 30th. My toe nails are so brutal right now it defies credulity. So, what happens tonight, but I meet a colleague and friend - a lovely woman who is involved in the big IWD event I help out with for women who use shelters etc. - and she says to me, 'Tara, I'm going to be taking an esthetics course, can I practice pedicures on you?' What? Yes!

She is plotting her retirement and wants to do a bit of esthetics after she retires. I promised to promoste her travelling (couples friendly) pedicure service and give her wine in exchange for her desperately needed pedicure services this year.

So, once again, thank you universe, (and Ellie).

xo Tara

1 comment:

Tena Laing said...

Wow! Is she looking for more gnarl-toed practice models?