Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday on the Road

Hi there,

I don't have a lot to report. We are off to Hamilton to visit my inlaws for the day, and then we'll head home and superficially check out the Oscars (while I give myself a free, substandard pedicure). But, in line with 'nothing new', I went to a film at the 'Revue' an adorable old theatre that was saved from demolition by it's neighbourhood (Roncesvalles) a little while back. It felt good to support a cool, older rep cinema versus going to the mega box ones. (That said, we will be going out to see Avatar at some point soon).

A new project for my 'no new is good news', is a vintage/preloved/thrift store shopping tour of Toronto. I've got a list from Now Magazine I've been looking forward to testing. So, Cindy, if you want to get started planning a trip to Toronto, I'm ready! Let's get on it.

P.S. If anyone has used store suggestions, please lemme know.

xo Tara

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cindy said...

I AM SO READY!!!! Any weekend except March 27th works for me. I can't wait!!! let me know how your schedule looks....