Thursday, March 25, 2010

Twas the Night Before No Spend Week...

Today was full of work, and hustling to get prepared for tomorrow and the week that follows.  I bought groceries on my breaks, I squeaked in just before closing and picked up 10 tallboys at the beerstore, and I mailed off that wedding shower card.  I agonized over what to do re: transit and was trying to decide if I'd buy a weekly pass (only good Mon-Sun) or just use tokens, and ta da!!  Like a ray of sunshine from heaven, there before me, I found a glittering March metropass with not a soul to claim it.  The universe yet again proving it doesn't totally hate me.  6 days of free riding pleasure - just when I most needed not to have to kiss $3 goodbye every time I have to go somewhere. 

Ye Haw.  Let the games begin.  I think my biggest trouble will be feeling an urge to eat out just because I can't. 

xo Tara


Tena Laing said...

Lucky Jeezler!! xo

No New is Good News said...

Don't let Nan and Pop hear you use that word, maid!