Friday, March 12, 2010

Unbooked Weekend

I'm really excited about this weekend because it is full of unplanned time and I am excited to do nothing or alternatively do whatever I feel like. I'm have a low key evening - my wife went to bed early and I'm getting my blog on then I'm going to hog the remote and watch some decadent tv.

I got this tip re: buying handmade gifts from my friend Cindy It seems like a nice way to go if you are buying things. Weezi

Also, my sister tipped me off that the woman who created the Story of Stuff is coming to Toronto to the Manulife Indigo to do a reading at 7pm on Tues. April 20th, and also that April 15th is 'give your stuff away' day.  I'm going to look into more details about that one.  But I have already got that night off to go and see her.  If you haven't checked out the Story of Stuff, do it!

Happy Weekending

P.S. thanks to the three lovlies who emailed me today with positive feedback.  I surely do appreciate it.

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Tena Laing said...

Give your stuff away day according to Annie Leonard (sp?) of Story of Stuff is May - not April. But you can double check at