Saturday, March 20, 2010

'Used Yarn' and some Crafty Lessons

Had a great night full of belly laughs at my crafty friend Sarah's.  She made us dinner, set up papier mache stations, and shared her new second hand book on 'transforming' old tee shirts into cool stuff.  FYI: The Toronto Reference Library (Yonge just North of Bloor) is having a sale during March on books they are clearing out.  I got a great recipe for turning two old tee's into a cute pillow without even needing to sew.  I'll show you the evidence when I get around to making it.

Also, for those of you who've read my ground rules, you'll know that I'm allowed to buy supplies for do-it-yourself stuff, but need to try and get yarn/fabric etc. second hand first.  Sarah opened up her tickle trunk and I came away with two garbage bags full of the good stuff.  Yarn.  Lots of it chunky, and much of it wool.  This should keep me in business much longer than my year of not buying anything new.  And I can share the wealth at my sister's regular stitch and bitch - and with the knitting group I started at my part time gig doing community development for supportive housing.  I'll need to.  We don't have room in our place for two garbage bags of anything.

I didn't partake of the papier mache, but I did offer plenty of backseat advice and double sided compliments to my friends as they worked on their masterpieces.  Maybe I can talk Sarah into a sending me a picture of the final project?  A bonus: as I was leaving she cheerfully lent me 3 seasons of 30 Rock, and Strangers with Candy which I am really excited to tuck into. 

But the topper to my evening was her sister buying me a lotto 6/49 ticket.  She called to see if we wanted them (the jackpot is particularly high).  I hemmed and hawed.  Is gambling 'buying something new'?  Her sister said, 'Not to worry', and just bought me one.  Ah, the kindness of strangers.  Or more accurately, acquaintances.  It warms the heart.  I gave her two tall boys in gratitude.

xo Tara

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