Friday, April 9, 2010

Being Broke in a Good Way

I was able to present my coworker with her handmade slippers today and it felt really nice.  I hope they fit her.  They are my second pair and, without my grandmother to spot me, turned out rather more unique than I had planned.

I'm about to head out into the SNOW to start my weekend.  After the 20+ centigrade last weekend it's a sobering thought.  But the weekend itself is promising - with Fun, Family, and Fundraising.  I'll have to bundle up so I don't end up adding 'Freezing me arse off' to that list of F's.

If you are wondering how the 'No New is Good News' is going, I still haven't purchased anything new this year.  And this month, sticking with it is not going to be one bit difficult because we are broke.  We are.  But it is the kind of broke I've chosen.  i.e.:
  • I'm not cashing in my Canada Savings Bonds, (which, as I've mentioned before, have always served as my very short term savings - i.e.: I'd cash them almost as fast as they deducted them off my pay cheque to deal with bills or buy stuff.  As part of my 'doing things differently' new world order, they are now my non-retirement savings, and my goal is to allow them to accumulate for at least a year to make a nice safety net.) 
  • I'm paying off our giant RRSP loan, which I don't regret, but it sure is a big bite every two weeks.  As a married all-girl couple, who do not expect children or inheritances, I do feel strongly that I want us to end up in a safe, financial situation as we creep into our dotage.  I also don't want to have to work until I'm a thousand years old.  And my wife is an (amazing) artist, so income is not always predictable.
  • I just maxed out my tiny visa to buy plane tickets to my ancestral homeland for this summer - that is Newfoundland.  A well worth it expense, but it needs to be paid off stat. 
  • I need to pay professional college fees ($690) and income tax ($750) this month as part of 'paying my dues' for having a job (actually two jobs) that I love.  As my old West Indian roommates would say, "There's a time for the bitta and a time for the sweet, and this is the time for the bitta!"
So, I'm not the kind of broke where I don't have options, rather I'm chosing to be uncomfortable now, in order to be more comfortable later.  Wish me luck.  I haven't had a lot of practice at this kind of not spending + savings combo.

xo Tara

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