Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bittersweet Vintage

Still in Newfoundland.  Had bittersweet moment of getting some vintage gear when I got to choose a cardigan and cap of my grandfather's today.  I'm feeling quieter and sad, but okay.  It's been full on family time here and I got to give the grandchildren's reflections at his funeral, and that was a very good feeling.  We actually waked him in the family home around the clock until the funeral, which is kind of old fashioned, but so intimate and lovely.  We were very glad to have done it that way.  There is a big family wedding in 9 days - a way to get together for something really positive soon.

I also got to climb Burnt Hill three times, which is an excessive quantity of exercise for someone who's barely walked the length of myself these two weeks.  It will help balance out the excessive quantities of generously gifted food and drink we've all been packing in.  A small community in Newfoundland is a beautiful place to share grief.

No high speed internet here in the cove, so I'll keep this brief.

xo Tara

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