Sunday, April 11, 2010


My wife felt I was 'cheating' on my ground rules for No New is Good News yesterday with the boots - 'It's cheating if you get to pick out and try on your own gift' was her cogent assessment.  What do you think?  To be honest, I know it was not exactly negotiating in good faith, so consider my knuckles rapped.  But, according to the letter of the law, I squeaked in, since I didn't buy them.

In more conscientious news, I did my first official practice walk for the big 60k end cancer walk today and it was great.  It combined vigorous exercise with beer.  What a winning combo.  Also, last night's fundraiser brought in a good haul that my team members got to divide up towards our totals, and was also pretty fun.  It was kind of cool to do something where we (me, wife, sister, and sister-in-law) were the youngest by about 10 years.  Makes one feel so youthful and vital. 

That's about it for tonight, I have some vegging out to do before my early-to-bed-for-a-change plan kicks into high gear.

xo Tara

P.S. Stella, I'll call you soon to figure out a way to meet up for a visit and a book borrowing!  FYI: I am down around U of T on Thursdays...

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