Saturday, April 3, 2010

In-House Social Times

We are in the middle of Easter weekend here, and I've been enjoying visiting friends (in our building last night) and family (yesterday and tonight for dinner).  Although No Spend Week is done, I didn't end up spending yesterday either.  I planned to.  I went by the liquor store to pick up a bottle for the nice roommate of my sister who gave me boxing gloves, and for our friends we were going to visit and discovered that oops, it's a stat holiday.  So, I got one more day of being a cheapskate/conscientious consumer.  It's been very enjoyable spending time hanging out in homes versus having to go out to do that.

Today, besides a nice family dinner at my sister's, I am looking forward to some spring cleaning interspersed with my new addiction - finishing up the season of '24' on DVD we've borrowed.  I've devised a game to make it more fun.  We will set the timer and do 24 minute bouts of cleaning between episodes of watching 24.  Clever, no?  I'm just waiting for my wife to wake up so we can get started.  In the meantime, I think I'll do something nerdy and crafty and sort through the free yarn I got from my friend Sarah.

May your weekend, like mine, be full of joy, ease and light.

xo Tara

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Alison said...

We too have been watching DVD's of TV shows....but I have gotten my kids hooked on Little House on the Priarie and Gilligan's Island. Next week I am gonna intruduce them to I Love Lucy....:0)