Saturday, April 10, 2010

Moral Grey Area

This is probably wrong, but in according to Trina, my sounding board for 'ground rules' early on, it is okay for me to accept gifts.  The part of me that is 'following the letter of the law, but not the spirit' is the part that allowed me to go to the Dufferin Mall today with a chronically generous relative.  Being at the mall, meandering through stores full of shiny new things on sale, makes it way harder not to think about WANTS.  Everything combines to feed your temptation.  So, after milling about several shoe stores as she tried on pair after pair, we came to one where there was a sale, plus an extra discount on the second pair.  She offered to buy me a pair as a birthday gift.  I halfheartedly replied 'I only want donations to my walk for my birthday gift this year'.  She didn't have to push me very hard to accept her offer.  And then I was trying on shoes.  All kinds of shoes.  I ended up getting a pair of grey swede, low-heeled, shortish boots.  Grey to match me pushing the limits of the grey area of the strength of my convictions.

But, come on.  They were $150 dollar boots and cost her $35.  It was a crime not to let someone buy them for me, right?

Your very human pal,
xo Tara

P.S.: In other news, it is my fund raising euchre tourney tonight.  Wish me luck.  I cracked open the piggy bank to have money for the 50/50 draw and the 'suggested donation cash bar'.  I will wear my new boots for luck.  Or because I clearly have no shame.


Cindy said...

Hey - May works me! Let's make it a date!!!! You can wear your new boots!!

No New is Good News said...

Cindy, we shop on Sat the 22nd of May. Hurray!
xo Tara
ps do you want to come down Friday night?

cindy said...