Friday, April 2, 2010

No Spend Week Successfully Completed!

It's Good Friday morning and I'm very sorry I did not update yesterday - I got sucked into the vortex that is a DVD box set of the TV show '24'.  My first time watching and I'm 7 hours in.  It's hard for the characters to get much shopping done with all the prison breaks, counter terrorism work, drug cartel infiltration, and computer hackery.  So I didn't find it very much of a trigger to shop as we calmly sweated out the last hours of day 7 of No Spend Week.

We did get a bit anxious because we almost had friends pop by to watch a show airing on Out TV last night where my wife and the visitor girl performed stand up.  The last minute visitors were zooming towards us on the highway and we were trying to figure out how to graciously word our lack of snacks, drinks etc. and our inability to purchase any before they got here.  My wife ended up texting simply 'We're all healthfood and tea here.  Pick up junk if you want any.'  They got stuck in traffic and had to cancel and we got to spend the show laughing in our pyjamas.  It was great.

The last time I wrote to you was from the eve of Day 6.  I had been at my sister's mooching on her food and drink supplies.  An exciting supplement to that came a little later on when her roommate arrived home.  Her roommate is moving (today), so that night she was ruthlessly packing up her room and purging.  My sister called out to her, 'Hey, Tara's not buying anything new this year, so if you come up with something that might fit her, let us know'.  Smart sister.  The evening went from good to better.  I got a lovely Nine West skirt that her roommate let go of stating "I realized I'm too ghetto to wear this", and a matching top,  I also got an unworn silk and pashmina scarf (gift from a 'so over that' ex), a pair of flats, AND a brand new pair of professional grade boxing gloves.  I just have to put up with the corporate logo stamped on them (I'm hiding it in the photo!), and I can easily live with that.  (Serendipity-do-dah note: Our building just got a punching bag in the gym.)  Also, my sister lent me one of her new shirt dresses she got on a trip to Texas.  When I left her place to head home a strange and lovely woman on the subway even offered to help me lift my granny cart up the stairs.  This all conspired to make No Spend Week unfairly fun and full of bounty for me.  Sorry, guys.

I even managed to squeeze in a funny April Fool's Day joke I stole from the Happiness Project, where I froze my wife's bowl of cereal the night before and when she tried to take the spoon out she discovered my great gag.  She laughed and I got to say, "Who's the comedian now?!"

As for my last day (yesterday, day 7) it was in many ways the hardest.  Mainly because I had to work at two different locations away from my usual work site.  I had to carry my books, binders, agenda, as well as snacks, lunch, and coffee.   (At my day job I have a stash of these things plus fridge and stove, and dishes and a tap for water etc.).  I carried a coffee and a baggie of extra instant coffee which I whipped up in the cafeteria with their milk (instant is low brow, but my favourite - I like it strong), a peanut butter sandwich and some trail mix of my own devising (cheerios, almonds, walnuts, raisins, and two chocolate squares).  It was fine, but I usually crave a cold drink, or a fizzy drink, or just something, you know?  And, once against, the universe in her benevolence smiled down upon my overcaffeinated thirst and provided.  An unknowing but kindly coworker walked into a meeting with me and said, 'Hey these fresh orange juices were two for $3.  Want one?'  Oh yes I do. 

So, guess where I'm headed this afternoon?  My sister's place.  Her roommate is leaving today and I want to see if anything else shakes out of that closet of hers before she goes.

xo Tara


Cindy said...

Well done Tara!!!

No New is Good News said...

thanks Cindy! how is Sun. the 25th of April or Sat. the 23rd of May for vintage shopping in TO?

cindy said...

either/or...does one work better for you?
also - I have to go the peg in May...just need to double check the date.

No New is Good News said...

May might be better because the laundry list of things I need to pay for in April is getting scary. I might blog on it :) If you are in the Peg in May, I'll do vintage shop in April anyway! just lemme know. xo Tara