Monday, April 12, 2010

Quick Note

I am about to head home to do cooking with my wife.  I love it when we cook together.  We are making 'nail soup' but I will be picking up chicken to add to the mix.  (I use that term for anything I make where I just dig for ingredients and find something in what we already have.

It was a gorgeous, but cool day here and I'm happy to report I walked to work and also talked a group of clients into going out for a walk, so I got in about an hour and 15 mins of walking today.  This evening work was a pleasure, with me hosting 5 tenants at the book club for 1984.  Still feeling ambivalent about the book.  It was brutally hard to read the end, I felt betrayed!  The only money I'll spend today is on chicken.

xo Tara

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