Friday, April 30, 2010

A Surprise

My wife is treating me to a surprise date night tonight for my birthday (which is next weekend).  She had to tell me, because I was making plans to do things with visiting family and she had already bought tickets to one of our favourite British stand ups - Eddy Izzard.  So that is exciting.  Last night I got the pleasure of seeing her do some excellent stand up and showing her off to visiting family.  I love it when she does new material that I was a part of (i.e.: a story I was there for etc.).

Tomorrow is a family wedding (for my cousin) and I might have to break down and make a card (I can't buy one according to my ground rules) and my wife says she's 'too busy'.  And she is pretty busy.  And seeing as she just gave me an envelop full of cash from her gig last night, (so we'll have money to put in the theoretical card), I'll let her off the hook.

I'm struggling a bit with burning the candle and both ends, but hope to achieve more balance next week.  Wish me luck. 

And oh my, at midnight tonight I will have gone four months without buying anything new.  Pat me on the back already, please.

xo Tara

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