Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thank you, Chips

I'm tipping my hat to the chips I discovered when I got home and my wife's improv class was all gathered with snacks and drinks at our condo.  I had forgotten about them coming, and was so delighted about snacks someone else had brought into my home!  The ladies, who are doing a female virtuoso version of improv called Broadprov - expertly led by Kate Ashby, came to watch their (Hilarious, I saw it live) class show in our movie room.  Not only did these 'broads' bring snacks and wine, they also were all excited to meet me and made all manner of flattering comments about how I look just like the picture of myself on the wall (taken in grade six at age 11 - my fav school picture of all time).  They've all tramped downstairs now and I am enjoying these unexpected snacks and having a little chill out time on my own before they come back.  But seriously, they can come back any time.  What a nice welcome home after a semi-grueling day.

Also, on my list of thank youses, are the people who have spontaneously donated to my www.endcancer.ca walk.  I'm at 34% of my fund raising goal as of this afternoon and it's so relieving and also nice to be making some headway on a goal that is not purely selfish. 

So, that's my thxthxthx nod.  Now, I'm off to get some belly laughs in.  (Merci Cindy and Alison for your notes on giving thanks and being grateful).

xo Tara


Alison said...

Lucky you...I was wishing for the husband to come home with ice-cream.....but he has to work late....darnit

Tena Laing said...

This sounds like a very appropriate treat for you to come home to. You are very deserving. xo

No New is Good News said...

I think we all deserve chips.