Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thin Lidded

I am positively thin lidded with fatigue today, but not too tired to check in.  On the 'universe provides front', I got a nearly new pair of really good quality leggings from a visiting family member who read about my shortage and took pity on me.  I'm wearing them right now (gratefully!).

I stayed up too late girl talking last night, so I do need to squeeze in a cat nap somehow (on TTC maybe?), but am looking forward to supporting local comedy tonight by checking out a show my wife is doing stand up in called 'West End Girls'. 

I've continued to be delighted by people donating to my fundraising efforts and this weekend will (with any luck) be showing everyone what a terrible winner I am at our fundraising euchre tourney.  I really am a mouthy euchre winner. 

I heard about this book from a client today called No Impact Man.  He and his wife are doing an extreme experiment for a year to decrease their footprint to zero (technically not possible, but they are going to extraordinary lengths - including giving up elevators and toilet paper!).  He says "The reason there's a malaise in our culture is we spend our time doing things we don't believe in doing, for organizations whose goals we don't believe in, with people we don't care to spend our time with." "All this", he says, "so we can buy things, which are supposed to make us happy."  It sounds very interesting and he has a sense of humour about it.  I will try to borrow a copy.  Anybody got it?  I'm almost done Not Buying It.  Also, I'm looking to borrow a book from Stella about living free... Stella can we meet up sometime?

xo Tara

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Unknown said...

yes we can! are you still at college and spadina? my work # is 397-0299