Monday, May 31, 2010

Worthy Contribution to Follow

I've spent the weekend doing some energetic and exhausting fundraising.  I'm at work now and it's about to get busy, so I'll post more worthily when I have a chance to gather my thoughts.  Sorry I've been an absentee Blogger the last two days.  I was out of the house, had too much sun, and discovered the TV series 'Breaking Bad' when I got up from my comatose nap last evening.  It's really good.

xo tara

Friday, May 28, 2010

Beat to a Snot

I'm so tired, I feel like my brain is asleep an hour and a half before my body gets to join it.  It's been two days of think-tanking at work; fun, but brain-i-ack-ery is tiring.  Last night, I got home at 2am from my wife's funny, funny show, and tonight apres think-tanking, I did a few hours of beer drinking and socializing to celebrate two former students graduating and finishing their placements.  So, I've spent my last two days very pleasantly (if exhaustingly) and, you will be pleased to hear, not bought anything new.

Here are some works in progress for the weekend:
1. value-heavy pedicure, up and coming, possibly for tomorrow morning.
2.  get my for-sale stuff registered on eBay (I have done the photos and the descriptions part).
3. assist my end cancer team with a musical fundraiser tomorrow evening.  NOT as a performer :)
4.  have a table at a yard sale with my sister on Sunday.

So, not only am I not buying new stuff, but I am actively moving some old stuff out into the world.  Also, I have been converting some of my under utilized clothing using scissors/cutting tips from my 'Closet Control' book.  Some to good effect, a couple of mishaps, but it has led to me wearing a few things already I had not worn in ages.  I shortened a top, turned a long sleeve shirt into a 'cardigan', and made a tank top out of a dress that was too snug about the middle - to name a few.  I am going to look into alterations involving actual sewing a little later.  The first round is all about cutting.  Nice and quick.  It's a great half-arsed TV watching kind of craft to do.

Night folks, I'm already asleep.

xo Tara

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hot As Hell

No offense, Hell, but it is seriously hot here in Toronto.  I should know.  These are somethings I've done today in the 32-ish degree Celsius weather:
  • rode my bike to work and beyond for a total of 80 minutes riding time so far
  • pushed my bike during a two hour walking tour of the 'the heart of the city' for ROM walks - a free walking tour of various neighbourhoods of the city I've been bringing tenants from my part time job to
  • ate a street veggie dog on a merciless, shade free concrete square for my supper
Now I have a slight heat head ache and I'm pretty sure I also have a burgeoning t-shirt tan.  Lucky for me, though I also know much more about Richardson Romanesque architecture and discovered a nice shady hideaway fenced in garden and lawn in front of Osgood Hall I won't be shy to take advantage of in the future.

xo Tara

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Today's Magic Moment

This morning on the long, hot walk to work I came upon a vacant lot on College Street.  There was a large truck - the kind a road crew might use - parked there with the doors open and the music blaring.  A few feet away, two dudes in road crew/construction gear were stepping 'er out.  They were perfectly in sync doing this funny kind of walking dance; crossing one leg in front of the other, dipping the back leg suddenly, swinging an arm and snapping their fingers, and singing along, just like a hip hop video.  Then they cracked up laughing and one of them said, 'Man, we're too good for this job!'

I've been reading in my How To Be Free book that we're all too good for our jobs.  Unless we really enjoy them.  The premise is that work can become mind numbingly boring if it gets to specialized, so we need to diversify, get hobbies, crafts, grow things, do things, stop watching screens for work, rest, and play.

Those two big, beefy, giggling, dancing construction workers really set a nice tone for the day.

xo Tara

Monday, May 24, 2010

Grooving to Hall & Oats

I feel good having spent the day doing as I pleased (including some eBay prepitude) and then putting on a pretty red dress (thanks for the loaner, Tena) and walking to a friend's Hall & Oats cover tune gig (thanks for the great show, Bougie!).   I hung out with some people I really like and as we were moving and bouncing, and sometimes even singing along to the instrumental Hall & Oats classics, I was reminded of how I used to love to go to concerts with my friend Melanie.  Melanie never stopped moving when music was playing, and I found myself doing the same when I was with her.  But it's easy to get out of the habit of moving and using your body.

This weekend I played my music on the loud speakers and my wife caught me unawares grooving as I folded clothing.  It was a sweet, funny moment, with her loving to see me happy and dancing around.  Walking home tonight, red dress on, a swing in my step from the night of music, I passed a bar along Bloor somewhere near Dufferin.  As I walked by, a guy, sitting in the window with his buddies, pounded on the window twice with both fists and said 'Yeah!' then he jumped up and said, 'I want that girl!'  Needless to say, I kept moving very quickly.  But as a married lesbian, forty-wonderful year old woman, it sure is nice to sometimes pull the guy eyes.

Happy Victoria Day.

xo Tara

Sunday, May 23, 2010


I referred to this earlier in my original TCB posting on Feb. 3, 2010.  Essentially TCB (Elvis' motto) is 'Taking Care of Business', and yesterday was such a lovely day full of just that.  I got up feeling good and went at it.  I tackled several nagging tasks and my room and space feels great.  The one nagging task I unfortunately did NOT get to is my toenails.  I am thinking about incorporating exercise and a pedicure into today's festivities by walking to the downtown cheap-but-clean salon I used to frequent.  I sure hope it's open.  I'm going to start losing friends soon if any more of them see my toes.  My twin and her husband were visibly alarmed yesterday when I showed them the lengths to which they have grown.  As my twin put it, my lack of a pedicure was impacting her quality of life.

On a side note, I had dinner at their place last night and it was so decadent to eat such a feast of salmon et. al. when we've been subsisting on tasty, nutritious, but cheap 'nail soup' and crock pot experiments.

Since my clutter and closet clearing, beautiful, clear surfaces abound in my bedroom.  So thanks to Brooks Palmer for continuing to inspire me to clutter bust semi-regularly. I've also donated 4 bags to my sister's yard sale, created a pile to experiment with renovating/altering on my sewing machine, and another pile of things to try selling on eBay.  I'm going to give this a shot, but if it doesn't work out, just let it go quickly.  My momma got me a book on the topic, so I figured I'd see if I can get anything for a couple of pricier items that are in very good shape, like a pair of high heeled boots from Brown's I wore 3 times (One of those times was inexplicably on a long flight to Florida.  Just a note:  the only place worse than Florida to wear snug, pointy, high-heeled boots is on the plane on your way to Florida.) 

I also plan to sell off some of the Northbound Leather gear I bought during more playful, adventurous, and if the truth be told, slender days.  I have a gorgeous, pleated, leather kilt-like skirt I've also only worn about 3 times.  Once was on the first date with my wife.  I am certain it helped seal the deal.  But not to worry folks.  I actually have a second, well-worn, kilt that is more adjustable for those inevitable social occasions when nothing but black leather will do. 

Hope you are all enjoying the long weekend as much as me.

xo Tara

Friday, May 21, 2010

Shopping Postponed

My friend twisted her ankle, so we are postponing our vintage shopping spree until she is more mobile.  I will get that pedicure after all tomorrow, I'm thinking.

I am sorry not to be hanging with her, but I am looking forward to an evening and day with no plans ahead of me.  I may tuck into my new book, which I am already loving, How to Be Free by Tom Hodgkinson who is also the editor of the Idler.  The back cover says, 'If you've ever wondered why you bother to go to work, or why so much of consumer culture is crap, then this book is for you can learn how to throw off the shackles of anxiety, bureaucracy, debt, governments, housework, supermarkets, waste and much else besides.'

Sounds perfect!  Happy Friday.

xo Tara

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bedazzled by BBJ

It was our friend's anniversary party for their girlie, gorgeous business, BBJ (Barbie's Basement Jewelry) at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre.  There was a great show, dancing and I came away with a frilly pink and green bra and a sparkly gold ring from the pinata.  Not bad for a school night.  And I did not have to buy anything new :)

I came in 4th on pin the tail on the sparkly donkey - missed the big time at the 11th hour, and had to endure the festivities stone sober as I'm trying to cut down on extraneous, empty calories right now.  Girlie frilly things and being spun around blindfolded helped keep me lively enough.

xo Night Night

Dualling Computers and Long Days

Hiya,  I just realized I've been a bit absentee with my wife tying up both computers (she said 'it looks like the deck of the Starship Enterprise in there' and me getting home to late and pooped to be much use anyway.

Some good news is that she is almost finished a stunning poster promoting my comedy fundraiser for my Weekend to End Cancer Walk.  She is way better at that kind of thing than I am.  Also, today I am meeting up with the lovely Stella to borrow a book that is related to my No New is Good News theme this year, and to catch up and say hey, which is very cool.  And of course, tomorrow, my vintage-i-est friend is coming to town for us to go looking around at the second hand stores.

I did try my t-shirt conversion project yesterday and it looks pretty good, but I made it about 5 sizes too small for myself, so I will have to be more generous with the fabric on my next version.  I don't feel so bad though, I had a friend tell me yesterday that she only had one skirt and one pair of pants that fit her right now, and another who came to work and explained that she was wearing 'professional track pants today' and then admitted it was because none of her pants fit. 

I'll do a photo of a finished t-shirt conversion when I can, it's still at work, and at this point, my photo skills for blogging consist of me lining it up under the photobooth camera on my laptop as best as I can.

xo Tara

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

two steps back

I'm feeling a bit blue and a bit of overwhelm today.  Nothing I won't manage, but today is one month since my grandfather died and I spent time on the phone with my weeping grandmother this evening, which further consolidated the sad reality of it. 

I have had a setback in my financial goal of not cashing in my Canada Savings Bonds this year.  (I was planning to go a whole year without)  It is clear I will need to use some of them to make ends meet this month.  It also means I need to really take a long, hard look at my expenses and pare them down further.  I am truly not interested in working two jobs just to be broke at the end of the month.  Ugh. 

That being said, I didn't cash in all my CSBs.  There is still $1500 in there (that I am not touching unless Hell Freezes Over!! - gentle reminder to self).  But all in all, I am disappointed. 

On a more positive note, I do still have some money set aside from birthday bucks to do my vintage clothing shopping this weekend.  I will not be a high roller, but I'll be packing a cool hundred big ones.  Let's see what I can scavenge on that slim budget.  I want us to hit at least half a dozen places.

Did I mention Mom's book gift to me has a ton of t-shirt reno projects?  I'm going to try one out at work with my Art group tomorrow.  All it requires is an extra-large men's t-shirt and a pair of sharp scissors.  I'll put up some photographic evidence later on.

Thinking about my 6 word memoir:  'If at first you succeed; don't.' 

Ha Ha.  That reflects how I feel today, but we can spin it like, take a couple of steps back if you are doing too well, so you can come from behind again, etc.

That's just today's 6 word memoir.  I'll keep thinking about more lifespanning versions... 

What about: 'Wonder Twins. Gay Wedding.  What's Next?'  A bit simplistic, I suppose, but hits some highlights, eh?

xo yours oh so fallibly

Monday, May 17, 2010

A Health Purchase

I decided after some soul searching, that a bag on wheels counts as a health purchase.  So, yesterday I spent $30 on a kind of briefcase with a pull up handle and wheels.  The reason it's a health purchase is that I am really struggling with neck issues and can't even carry a regular backpack these days.  Let's face it, there are some work and life situations when even I am embarrassed to be seen dragging along my granny cart. 

Feeling a little conflicted or defensive about the new bag, I still haven't gone out to get a pedicure, which I have also deemed a health cost, but again, it feels a bit self indulgent. 

Nothing too exciting to report.  It's been a time of penny pinching as we try and figure out how on earth we'll pay for things like the mortgage and my professional college fees, which now that I've waited past May 1st will include the befrigged HST to add insult to injury.  We also had to rent a car to visit family out of town for a special birthday.  We bought $75 worth of very carefully, collaboratively chosen groceries designed to make many healthy crockpots and then ended up borrowing money to go watch our friends' pole dancing recital.  What can I say, even when you aren't buying anything new, life is expensive.  But some things are too good to pass up, even if you have to borrow money to do them.

I have been reading away at the sorting out your closet book my momma got me for my birthday; if all goes well, it will make me a new woman any day now :)

Dragging my tail home from work soon to enjoy the soothing balm of vegging out,

xo Tara

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Hi there,
I'm heading off to my volunteering gig and I'm feeling very self satisfied because I'm walking there.  Of course I'm 4 hours shy of my weekly goal of walking 7 hours per week, so I'll have to get creative to squeeze that in before the sun goes down on this day.

I had a nice start to my day, waking before I had to feeling modestly refreshed and had the time to have a leisurely breakfast and do some stuff on the computer.  I am trying to promote some of the fundraising things I am doing for my End Cancer Walk (and help the rest of my team, who I call the 'Straight Rainbows' meet their goals too) without overwhelming my people.  I want to make a poster for this comedy show I am organizing.  Fortunately I have 10 hilarious women who have signed on to do it (Monday June 21st at Comedy Bar), but I am struggling to come up with a catchy name for it.  I'll brainstorm if it's slow today at the Clothing Show.  (The Clothing Show sells new and old clothing, and we always put up a booth to get volunteers and donations for this other group I do stuff with - the esthetics for women in shelters - we give 10 minute $10 massages for donations).  I am not bringing any money to shop.  I'm saving my vintage shopping for next weekend with Cindy!

xo Tara

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Closet Dreams

I'm reading the book my mom got me called 'Closet Control' and fantasizing about a clean, tidy closet full of well-fitting, with it clothing.  I'm still in the theory part of it all. 

We had a lovely Saturday.  I slept until noon, then we went and had a birthday party for our one year old nephew and hung with my in-laws.  Also, in the car, to assuage my passenger jitters (I seem to get more and more nervous in cars as I get older) we listened - and howled - to Ricky Gervais's podcasts, while I kept my seat fully tilted back to avoid having to see the road.  So funny.  And quite took my mind off how terrifyingly dangerous it is to be in a car.

Tomorrow I will be volunteering for Look at Me Now for a few hours (organizations that does makeovers and esthetic services for women in shelters to boost their self esteem), and maybe, if all goes well, working on my befrigged closet.

xo Tara

Friday, May 14, 2010

Toenail News Flash

I've decided to tamper with my ground rules re: not getting pedicures.  There are a couple of reasons. 

It doesn't truly feel like cheating because a pedicure does not bring 'new stuff' into my world.  (Except maybe self esteem).

It is horribly labour intensive doing my own toes, and I suck at it.

My toes need all the esthetic help they can get as they have been nicknamed by more than one affectionate partner 'Fred Flinstone' toes.  I prefer to think of them as adorably round, like a baby's toes.

Finally, on a HEALTH related note (whew, this word means it's all groovy, right...?) I tend to get ingrown toenails when I do my own, and now that I am walking more sportily, those would be an even bigger drag.  Current Status: is that I have been avoiding dealing with my toenails so their length is getting to be positively life threatening.  My wife glanced askance at them two nights ago, and I scurried off to cover them with socks.

That, my dear friends, will have to suffice for justifirationalization.  Until my friend Ellie is in her esthetics course I'll have to suck it up and get some paid-for pedicures this year or risk chopping my own foot off with a sharp toenail, and/or rendering romance entirely improbable.  You must forgive me.  Now I just need to find the $25.  Sounds easier than it is, I assure you.  We are spread pretty thin right now, and I am about to scavenge up the ingredients for a crock of gruel and a pot of nail soup out of thin air.  I'm pretty good at it, actually.

xo Tara

P.S.: can't wait to be knitting with my pals later on tonight!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Freezing Flaneur

I read something kind of cool in Eye Weekly today about a book written by a fellow who has had columns called 'Stroll' and 'Psychogeography'.  He defines Flaneur as one who walks around a city for the sole purpose of paying attention to it.   What a lovely word.  I've actually been doing a bit of this with Toronto's free ROM walks where we get a free guided tour of neighbourhoods with a volunteer giving us the history of buildings and spaces and pausing alot for us to have the opportunity to pay attention to details. 

As someone who is trying to be more active, be more mindful, and spend less money, I am going to work on embracing my inner flaneur.  I did get in 120 minutes of city walking yesterday.  Today I got in about 180 minutes of TTC waiting in the chilly rain + actual riding time.  I'll try and get more yesterdays than todays in the following week in terms of my personal transportation.

Tomorrow night it's Stitch and Bitch!  Yay!

xo Tara

p.s.: cindy re: your visit, I am perfectly fine with it, but it is the long weekend.  Is that okay for you?  If so, it will be so great to hang out!  xoxo Tara

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Good Clean Fun

My wife and I just had a serious tickle fight.  I can't remember who started it, but if there were judges she would have won.  I did get in a few good moves, but my problem when it comes to play fighting and wrestling is that, as she explains it, I 'fight like a raptor'.  As if I have tiny, semi-useless arms and huge, powerful legs.  My arms aren't literally tiny, but in a fight it's like they are made of noodle.

She can pin both my hands with one of hers and use the other to torture me.  Even if I try to surprise her with a sneak attack where I pounce on top of her and catch her unawares, she can still easily lift my arms up off her and then gain a position of advantage.  It's too bad for her in a way, because there are benefits to being the tickled one.  My heart rate went up, I laughed and screamed uncontrollably for about 10 minutes and I feel a marvelous sense of really being 'in my body'.  For her to get tickled by me, she has to pretty much surrender control willingly, whereas, I don't have to work at all to lose control, and I try as I  might, I can't seem to regain it.

I suggested we try fighting with our legs, to even the score a bit, but she didn't go for it.

Anyway, goodnight and peaceful dreams,

xo Tara

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ho Hum

I'm just vegging out watching old Glee episodes my wife PVR'd that I haven't gotten around to seeing yet.  I am thinking about No New is Good News and feeling a bit idealess as it's the end of a long, long work day.  But I guess 'on theme' is the brainstorming we need to do re: what and how to gift for my wife's family party on Saturday (celebrating belated Mother's Day for her mother, and our nephew's first birthday).  I need to remember my rules (no new things), and also we are on a serious budget right now.  I'll put on the old thinking cap and see what percolates. 

I'm excited about this weekend for my in-laws party, but also because once again I'm hosting Stitch and Bitch!  And finally, our friend Sabrina will be in town from NYC for a minute, and I might get to see her. 

Nighty Night
xo Tara

Monday, May 10, 2010


My horoscope this week in Now magazine references the ancient Anglo-Saxon word 'Thrimilce'.  This referred to the month of May, when cows were so fertile you could milk them 3 times a day.  The horoscope's advice was to 'give generously 3 times a day but not 4'. 

Today I've been doing some work towards 'giving generously' by working on drumming up talent for the comedy fundraiser, by cooking nutritious healthy meals for my wife, and by clearing away and tidying up my loose clothing so there are actual clear surfaces in our condo.  (Giving begins in the home).  I'm at 3, so I'll stop and enjoy some down time now.

I wanted to share a moment from today.  On the walk home today a tiny black haired, black eyed, round baby girl in a stroller got busy with the job of waving to me.  Her countenance so serious, she concentrated hard on her task, extending her left arm straight out and fanning her fingers and waving them side to side, to give me her wee salutation as I walked by.  It was a highlight.

xo Tara

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Birthday Blogging

My birthday has been a lovely experience.  I'll give you some highlights.

Yesterday I bought myself a USED bookshelf from someone moving out of my building and gave my whole condo a $20 facelift.  Introducing the new shelf led to a domino effect of furntiture rearrangement that actually gave me a new lease on life.  The shelf went where my old desk was.  The desk went where my dresser was.  The dresser squeezed in by my side of the bed.  I got out our robot vacuum, and was inspired to clean and gut the home.  I shredded papers, cleared out 40lbs of lingerie from the dresser, and rearranged the art on the walls.  It feels like a new place.  (The place looks great, except for the 40lbs of socks, undies, and bras, still dumped two feet high on our dining room table to be 'thinned'.  A task for a non-birthday day.)

Mom sent me a book that will show me how to 'go shopping in my own closet' (timing is perfect), and also a deck of reminder cards on how to harness and unleash my inner rich girl.

I got some donations for my fundraiser walk.

I woke up to a call from my Nanny singing 'Happy Birthday' to me.  I fielded further birthday messages and calls and then went out for a delicious brunch at Yazi's Place with my wife.  As per my birthday wishes we not only dined, we also worked on our values and goals and did some written exercises to this effect.  It was more fun and less horrible than she thought it would be.  Just ask her if you don't believe me.  Thusly synced, let me tell you about my gifts.  She took me for a concert last week.  She also made my card, she is really good at this and it featured a top 10 list of favourite things about me.  My wife also got me some 'new' things along with a friendly lecture that she was allowed to buy me something new occasionally, especially since she got them at a store supporting local merchants.  The earrings were a hit with me (dangling red horns), but the clothing will have to be exchanged for something less miniscule.  I am flattered that she thought I could fit the sizes she picked, but reason prevails.

After brunch I went on a hike of about 10km with my team for the walk (the straight Rainbows).  My twin joined us, so we got to do something fun and healthy together for our birthday.  She and her husband then cheerfully helped me lug bins of spring clothing from our storage unit.  Another birthday gift.

My wife and I then regrouped for an Indian/Thai supper and watched Betty White on Saturday Night Live.  She's 88 1/2 years old and was a real champ, in every skit.  It reminded me of a woman I saw walking down the Danforth today who turned to her (daughter?) and said, "I'm going to be 90 this year, so  I've got to think of the years ahead..."  I hope when I'm 90 I'll be looking forward to the years ahead.  In the meantime, I have some here and now to take care of.

I have picked a date for my comedy fundraiser I'm going to organize to help with my walk.  It's June 21st.  If you are in Toronto, or ever come here, save the date!  It will be at 8pm at Comedy Bar.

xo Tara

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Moment

I just wanted to mention this magical moment on the subway I experienced.  I got on kind of late in the evening, and I had a novel with me.  I opened it up, really voracious about tucking into it, and glanced around me.  The seats were about 1/3 full.  And what do you know but everyone seated or standing in my vicinity was reading a book instead of fiddling on a piece of electronica.  It was quaint and cool in an old school way.  I don't think everyone needs to hand in their iPhones, but it's nice to still see people enjoying a good read.

Had some good old fashioned silly times with good old friends and family tonight at my brother in law's birthday. Happy weekend.

xo Tara

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Our Birthday

My twin correctly pointed out that I didn't mention it being 'our' birthday on Sunday.  I'll share a little anecdote about our birthday.  It's funny when you are a twin, it takes you forever to stop saying 'our' for everything... and then you still say it much of the time.

When we were in grade 8 our Dad and Stepmom got pregnant.  The baby ended up being born two weeks late.  On Our Birthday!  So we got to name her.  Kind of like a 14th birthday gift to ourselves.  Sooo, we named her a combo of our two names.  My name is Tara.  My twin's name is Tena (pronounced 'Tina').  Our new baby sister:  Teeara, obviously.  Pronounced 'Tiara', but needing the unique spelling, we insisted, that would make her name truly derive from our strange combo.  And the double 'ee' to make sure people were clear on how to pronounce it. 

It seems very normal to us all now, but there were family members who thought our parents were mad for letting us name her, and Teeara herself went through a rough patch over it in her teens.  I think we are well forgiven now.  She can at least be grateful our parents drew the line at letting us give her the middle name Maria.  We wanted to nick name her Tia, and at 14 thought Tia Maria would be a seriously cool and sophistocated moniker. 

So, yes, Sunday it's all three sisters' birthday.  (And mother's day of course.)

xo Tara

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Walking in the Rain

I did a cool, free ROM walk tonight.  That is the Royal Ontario Museum's free historical neighbourhood walks.  They do a bunch of different ones over the warm months.  It was interesting to hear tidbits - as we dodged the raindrops - about buildings you walk by and wonder about.  Did you know that in the 30's during the depression, they build an extension on the Museum and to give as much employment as possible they did the foundation all by hand.  So men dug it out with shovels and wheelbarrels entirely.

I am about to go to bed.  It's been a nice, but longish day.

I just got my first birthday card that is from Nanny Laing alone today.  It was always 'Love Nan and Pop' before, of course.  A bit of a lowlight.

A highlight was making my mother a mother's day card in the art group at work.  I'm more of a collage person than a drawer or painter.  It ended up being pretty funny.

On my birthday I've decided I want to do brunch with my wife, including chatting about our goals and dreams (insert possible vision boarding exercise here!), and then going for a practice hike with my team for the end cancer walk.  I think it will be a nice way to spend a Sunday creeping into my dotage.

xo Tara

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

100th Post Ticker Tape Parade

I thought we should celebrate because this is my 100th post.  I just wish I had thought up something really decent to say.  Oh, I do have a note about an article talking about how frugality is persisting beyond the recession.  Whew.  Hopefully that means I will have some back up as I try to get more and more debt free, versus being seen as the miserly old town stingebag. 

I had to miss out on something I really was looking forward to related to No New is Good News - the Toronto book launch and reading by the woman who wrote The Story of Stuff.  That was a shame.  But I am keeping my eyes peeled for future things to keep me inspired and motivated.  Please pass them on if you hear of any.

And, drum roll, if you will, I'm at 85% of my fundraising goal for the end cancer walk.  All signs point to a need for me to raise my goal slightly.  I'll think about it. 

I'm pretty burnt out today.  I foolishly stayed up late into the night watching season one of 24.  (I began on Season 4).  They always end leaving you wanting more.  It's so predictable.  If I get started I almost guarantee myself a short night sleep.  And yet, I am powerless against their charms.  At least we borrowed the DVDs from a friend instead of buying them :)

xo Tara

Monday, May 3, 2010

Old Yarn, New Handbag

I'm going to be doing a knitting group tonight with my second job and I'll be starting a new project.  I'm very excited because I'll be using real wool (not Zellers or Walmart fake wool) and making a cute bag that I'll then soak in boiling water to 'felt' it and make it all snug and tight like a dreadlock.  This reference may date me, but here goes:  In university my roomates used to call me 'Sophia' after the character played on Golden Girls by Estelle Geddy.  The reason was that, even inside our house, I ALWAYS carried around a giant handbag (handmade for me by our foster child, Lucy, in Nairobi) in order to have instant access to my smokes and lipbalm.  I kicked the cigarettes 12 years ago, but still have a hobbling addiction to lipbalm.

Me making my own handmade bag is thematically appropriate to this blog because I am using the yarn donated from my most craftiest of friends, Sarah, rather than buying anything new. 

In other saintly news, I am at 65% of my fundraising goal for the walk.  That is pretty awesome, guys, if I do say so myself.  It is my birthday on Sunday, and I hope to rake in a few more bucks towards my $2000 goal then.

My shopping vintage spree is coming up on May 22nd with Cindy (yeah!), and now that I'm back in Toronto and semi-sorted out, I am going to check in with Stella asap re: borrowing a book about living free.  Also, I just realized who my new 15th follower is, Sabrina, and am suitably delighted.

I'll post a picture when I finish my handbag.

xo Tara

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Well Received

Our present for my cousin's wedding ended up being something old, something handmade, and something new (cash).  I made the card with an old photo of us cousins from a ways back highlighting his hockey player hair and white sport sock stylings at a wedding in the early nineties.  I decided in addition to giving cash to re-gift him with a useful DVD of mine (bought before January 1st).  I also made the wrapping paper out of old magazine photos.  Specifically from lesbian weddings captured in our Curve magazines.  The result was a colourful and unique package that none of the 90 or so guests failed to stop and stare at.  He has always been a bit like a younger brother and we love to tease each other.  In fact when me and my wife got up to kiss (to make him and his new wife kiss at the reception), they had planned a joke and turned to a same sex member of their bridal party for a smooch, which helped make everyone more comfortable with us being a pair of two wives. 

I am well satisfied with my homemade efforts and may just do the same for future gift giving occasions.  Certainly they are more memorable, eye catching, and interesting than store bought. 

xo Tara