Friday, May 28, 2010

Beat to a Snot

I'm so tired, I feel like my brain is asleep an hour and a half before my body gets to join it.  It's been two days of think-tanking at work; fun, but brain-i-ack-ery is tiring.  Last night, I got home at 2am from my wife's funny, funny show, and tonight apres think-tanking, I did a few hours of beer drinking and socializing to celebrate two former students graduating and finishing their placements.  So, I've spent my last two days very pleasantly (if exhaustingly) and, you will be pleased to hear, not bought anything new.

Here are some works in progress for the weekend:
1. value-heavy pedicure, up and coming, possibly for tomorrow morning.
2.  get my for-sale stuff registered on eBay (I have done the photos and the descriptions part).
3. assist my end cancer team with a musical fundraiser tomorrow evening.  NOT as a performer :)
4.  have a table at a yard sale with my sister on Sunday.

So, not only am I not buying new stuff, but I am actively moving some old stuff out into the world.  Also, I have been converting some of my under utilized clothing using scissors/cutting tips from my 'Closet Control' book.  Some to good effect, a couple of mishaps, but it has led to me wearing a few things already I had not worn in ages.  I shortened a top, turned a long sleeve shirt into a 'cardigan', and made a tank top out of a dress that was too snug about the middle - to name a few.  I am going to look into alterations involving actual sewing a little later.  The first round is all about cutting.  Nice and quick.  It's a great half-arsed TV watching kind of craft to do.

Night folks, I'm already asleep.

xo Tara

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