Sunday, May 9, 2010

Birthday Blogging

My birthday has been a lovely experience.  I'll give you some highlights.

Yesterday I bought myself a USED bookshelf from someone moving out of my building and gave my whole condo a $20 facelift.  Introducing the new shelf led to a domino effect of furntiture rearrangement that actually gave me a new lease on life.  The shelf went where my old desk was.  The desk went where my dresser was.  The dresser squeezed in by my side of the bed.  I got out our robot vacuum, and was inspired to clean and gut the home.  I shredded papers, cleared out 40lbs of lingerie from the dresser, and rearranged the art on the walls.  It feels like a new place.  (The place looks great, except for the 40lbs of socks, undies, and bras, still dumped two feet high on our dining room table to be 'thinned'.  A task for a non-birthday day.)

Mom sent me a book that will show me how to 'go shopping in my own closet' (timing is perfect), and also a deck of reminder cards on how to harness and unleash my inner rich girl.

I got some donations for my fundraiser walk.

I woke up to a call from my Nanny singing 'Happy Birthday' to me.  I fielded further birthday messages and calls and then went out for a delicious brunch at Yazi's Place with my wife.  As per my birthday wishes we not only dined, we also worked on our values and goals and did some written exercises to this effect.  It was more fun and less horrible than she thought it would be.  Just ask her if you don't believe me.  Thusly synced, let me tell you about my gifts.  She took me for a concert last week.  She also made my card, she is really good at this and it featured a top 10 list of favourite things about me.  My wife also got me some 'new' things along with a friendly lecture that she was allowed to buy me something new occasionally, especially since she got them at a store supporting local merchants.  The earrings were a hit with me (dangling red horns), but the clothing will have to be exchanged for something less miniscule.  I am flattered that she thought I could fit the sizes she picked, but reason prevails.

After brunch I went on a hike of about 10km with my team for the walk (the straight Rainbows).  My twin joined us, so we got to do something fun and healthy together for our birthday.  She and her husband then cheerfully helped me lug bins of spring clothing from our storage unit.  Another birthday gift.

My wife and I then regrouped for an Indian/Thai supper and watched Betty White on Saturday Night Live.  She's 88 1/2 years old and was a real champ, in every skit.  It reminded me of a woman I saw walking down the Danforth today who turned to her (daughter?) and said, "I'm going to be 90 this year, so  I've got to think of the years ahead..."  I hope when I'm 90 I'll be looking forward to the years ahead.  In the meantime, I have some here and now to take care of.

I have picked a date for my comedy fundraiser I'm going to organize to help with my walk.  It's June 21st.  If you are in Toronto, or ever come here, save the date!  It will be at 8pm at Comedy Bar.

xo Tara

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