Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dualling Computers and Long Days

Hiya,  I just realized I've been a bit absentee with my wife tying up both computers (she said 'it looks like the deck of the Starship Enterprise in there' and me getting home to late and pooped to be much use anyway.

Some good news is that she is almost finished a stunning poster promoting my comedy fundraiser for my Weekend to End Cancer Walk.  She is way better at that kind of thing than I am.  Also, today I am meeting up with the lovely Stella to borrow a book that is related to my No New is Good News theme this year, and to catch up and say hey, which is very cool.  And of course, tomorrow, my vintage-i-est friend is coming to town for us to go looking around at the second hand stores.

I did try my t-shirt conversion project yesterday and it looks pretty good, but I made it about 5 sizes too small for myself, so I will have to be more generous with the fabric on my next version.  I don't feel so bad though, I had a friend tell me yesterday that she only had one skirt and one pair of pants that fit her right now, and another who came to work and explained that she was wearing 'professional track pants today' and then admitted it was because none of her pants fit. 

I'll do a photo of a finished t-shirt conversion when I can, it's still at work, and at this point, my photo skills for blogging consist of me lining it up under the photobooth camera on my laptop as best as I can.

xo Tara

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