Thursday, May 13, 2010

Freezing Flaneur

I read something kind of cool in Eye Weekly today about a book written by a fellow who has had columns called 'Stroll' and 'Psychogeography'.  He defines Flaneur as one who walks around a city for the sole purpose of paying attention to it.   What a lovely word.  I've actually been doing a bit of this with Toronto's free ROM walks where we get a free guided tour of neighbourhoods with a volunteer giving us the history of buildings and spaces and pausing alot for us to have the opportunity to pay attention to details. 

As someone who is trying to be more active, be more mindful, and spend less money, I am going to work on embracing my inner flaneur.  I did get in 120 minutes of city walking yesterday.  Today I got in about 180 minutes of TTC waiting in the chilly rain + actual riding time.  I'll try and get more yesterdays than todays in the following week in terms of my personal transportation.

Tomorrow night it's Stitch and Bitch!  Yay!

xo Tara

p.s.: cindy re: your visit, I am perfectly fine with it, but it is the long weekend.  Is that okay for you?  If so, it will be so great to hang out!  xoxo Tara


cindy said...

I'll email you soon!

No New is Good News said...

cindy, can you email me your number? I don't seem to have it in my we can make a plan!