Monday, May 24, 2010

Grooving to Hall & Oats

I feel good having spent the day doing as I pleased (including some eBay prepitude) and then putting on a pretty red dress (thanks for the loaner, Tena) and walking to a friend's Hall & Oats cover tune gig (thanks for the great show, Bougie!).   I hung out with some people I really like and as we were moving and bouncing, and sometimes even singing along to the instrumental Hall & Oats classics, I was reminded of how I used to love to go to concerts with my friend Melanie.  Melanie never stopped moving when music was playing, and I found myself doing the same when I was with her.  But it's easy to get out of the habit of moving and using your body.

This weekend I played my music on the loud speakers and my wife caught me unawares grooving as I folded clothing.  It was a sweet, funny moment, with her loving to see me happy and dancing around.  Walking home tonight, red dress on, a swing in my step from the night of music, I passed a bar along Bloor somewhere near Dufferin.  As I walked by, a guy, sitting in the window with his buddies, pounded on the window twice with both fists and said 'Yeah!' then he jumped up and said, 'I want that girl!'  Needless to say, I kept moving very quickly.  But as a married lesbian, forty-wonderful year old woman, it sure is nice to sometimes pull the guy eyes.

Happy Victoria Day.

xo Tara

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Christine said...

so nice to see you out last night