Monday, May 17, 2010

A Health Purchase

I decided after some soul searching, that a bag on wheels counts as a health purchase.  So, yesterday I spent $30 on a kind of briefcase with a pull up handle and wheels.  The reason it's a health purchase is that I am really struggling with neck issues and can't even carry a regular backpack these days.  Let's face it, there are some work and life situations when even I am embarrassed to be seen dragging along my granny cart. 

Feeling a little conflicted or defensive about the new bag, I still haven't gone out to get a pedicure, which I have also deemed a health cost, but again, it feels a bit self indulgent. 

Nothing too exciting to report.  It's been a time of penny pinching as we try and figure out how on earth we'll pay for things like the mortgage and my professional college fees, which now that I've waited past May 1st will include the befrigged HST to add insult to injury.  We also had to rent a car to visit family out of town for a special birthday.  We bought $75 worth of very carefully, collaboratively chosen groceries designed to make many healthy crockpots and then ended up borrowing money to go watch our friends' pole dancing recital.  What can I say, even when you aren't buying anything new, life is expensive.  But some things are too good to pass up, even if you have to borrow money to do them.

I have been reading away at the sorting out your closet book my momma got me for my birthday; if all goes well, it will make me a new woman any day now :)

Dragging my tail home from work soon to enjoy the soothing balm of vegging out,

xo Tara

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Linda said...

This blog consists of old things that means no new addition in the year of 2010.I'm not buying anything new in 2010.