Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ho Hum

I'm just vegging out watching old Glee episodes my wife PVR'd that I haven't gotten around to seeing yet.  I am thinking about No New is Good News and feeling a bit idealess as it's the end of a long, long work day.  But I guess 'on theme' is the brainstorming we need to do re: what and how to gift for my wife's family party on Saturday (celebrating belated Mother's Day for her mother, and our nephew's first birthday).  I need to remember my rules (no new things), and also we are on a serious budget right now.  I'll put on the old thinking cap and see what percolates. 

I'm excited about this weekend for my in-laws party, but also because once again I'm hosting Stitch and Bitch!  And finally, our friend Sabrina will be in town from NYC for a minute, and I might get to see her. 

Nighty Night
xo Tara

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cindy said...

Hey Tara
I friggin love Glee. Even more than old school 90210.
Let me know about the 22nd...I know you have had lots on you plate as of late. We can postpone if you want, no problem. I always know where to find you, and don't mind at all.
give my best to Dawn